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EFT Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Bronchitis

Dear EFT Community,

A student of Alexander Lees, Marie Holliday of San Pedro Del Pinatar, Spain, writes about how she was able to use EFT, despite being new to it, to help a neighbor who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and chronic bronchitis.

-EFT Universe

By Marie Holliday

New to EFT, I have been tapping for nearly a week and a half with a neighbor who has rheumatoid arthritis (RA). He has had massive problems with RA and breathing problems from chronic bronchitis. He is 71 and has been ill for 20 years.

When we started, his 0-10 intensities were all very high. As of this writing, he has no stiffness or pain! He can walk upstairs to bed now without stopping on the way for several minutes out of breath. At the top of the stairs, he always suffered incontinence, which is a 0 on the intensity scale now after I suggested he tap at the bottom of the stairs, and if he did wet himself, to tap at the top of the stairs as well. He hardly uses his walking sticks now and his breathing is becoming easier. He can now get in and out of the car okay, and he says he feels great when he gets out of bed in the morning. He has no more stiff arms and can do his collarbone breathing easily and lift his arms freely. The two fingers that he couldn't put together, he now can, and can hold things without dropping them.

His wife is telling everyone he is like a new man, that he was walking round for ages on his own the other day, when normally he would sit in the car. We were all at a neighbor's party over the weekend, where he told everyone that I had helped him more than any doctor had in 20 years! I got teary and said it was EFT that had helped him. I must admit I thanked God for being introduced to EFT, even if it was only for John's sake.

Pancreatic Cancer: Did EFT Shrink the Tumor?

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Pancreatic Cancer: Did EFT Shrink the Tumor?

Dear Readers,

EFT practitioner Karen Degen gives an account of using EFT to clear the resentment a client was carrying. After one session, the prognosis for his pancreatic cancer went from dismal to the potential for a good quality of life.

-Stephanie M

By Karen Degen

Jason came to me with stage IV pancreatic cancer. The prognosis for stage IV pancreatic cancer is grim. It’s inoperable and the medical intervention is mostly palliative care. Through the enthusiastic encouragement of a friend, however, Jason came for an EFT session.

The main emotional contributor I found was his resentment towards his wife’s mother (who he referred to only as “her mother”). In the exact words of his wife, he was “dying to tell her what he thinks” but couldn’t because of the rift it would cause in the family and wouldn’t change anything anyway. He was not very in tune with his emotions so I worked primarily with his body feelings and he told me that he felt the “her mother” emotion in his pancreas.

We tapped on the following statements:

Even though I resent “her mother” for being a manipulating worm, I accept myself and my feelings.

Even though I have all this “your mother” emotion in my pancreas, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I resent “her mother” for saying _____, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I can’t change “her mother” or what she says, I choose to stay calm, relaxed, and at peace.

My client and his wife had been born in the same town in another country and because of his terminal prognosis were going home to spend the last of his time with his family there. I gave him tapping homework and advice on how to cope with seeing “her mother” whilst there. A few weeks later I received the following e-mail written by his wife:

“As you know, my partner and I left New Zealand in a hurry when he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Ever since we arrived, he’s been undergoing further tests to reassess his condition in the light of his apparent improvement. The good news is that today his diagnosis has been reviewed and the conclusion is that his tumour is smaller than previously thought and less aggressive, which means that he can now undergo surgery (even prior to having any chemotherapy) and his chances of surviving and having a good quality life are now looking quite good.”

It amused me that the doctors said it was “smaller than previously thought and less aggressive.” What if they were correct the first time and the cancer has shrunk and he is starting to get better? No doubt they didn’t consider that. Was it EFT that made the difference? It was only one session, so who knows, but what I do know is that resentment is a very damaging emotion to carry for any length of time.

Karen Degen
Health, Happiness, and Success Coach, EFT practitioner
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to get our Free EFT Get Started Package or our EFT Books and EFT Trainings for a more complete understanding. For more, read our EFT Info and Disclaimer Document. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

EFT for ALS Symptoms

Dear EFT Community,

Honey Coleman, EFT INT-1 practitioner shares how she used EFT to help a client with his ALS symptoms and how helping him changed his life.

-Stephanie M

By Honey Coleman, EFT INT-1 Practitioner

Morris came to me when he heard I helped people heal from their illnesses.

He had been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) 7 months previously and asked if I would help him. He was on social assistance from the government and couldn’t afford my regular rates so I offered him my free 4 week program.

He agreed to read up on EFT as well as work between sessions so that after 4 sessions he would be able to continue on his own. He presented with pain in his upper left arm, low back pain, cramping and twitching leg muscles, sciatic leg pain, trouble breathing deeply, tight diaphragm muscle, neck stiffness and trouble speaking clearly – slurring and lowering of volume. He walked into our first session using a cane for balance but has not needed it since then.

We spent the first session tapping directly on the individual pain symptoms, getting rid of each one separately just by repeating, “this pain,” as pain in the body is directly connected to a specific emotion. I included a Restricted Breathing technique which helped his breathing immensely. It also cleared the restriction around his mouth and jaw where the muscles had felt tight. Getting as specific as we could, we tapped using the words Morris was given by his doctor to describe the specific problem “Waste protein is blocking the dentrite to the muscle fibres.”

Two rounds of the short form of tapping seemed to help in general.

I didn’t have anything to use to measure other his symptoms which were not showing up by our 2nd session. But I thought it would be useful to use as specific words as possible. During that 2nd session my intuition led me to ask about self-worth and he confirmed that he felt unworthy and that he had felt that way his entire life.

He’d received a PhD and worked as a psychotherapist for 12 years in the Philippines but could not get a job after immigrating to Canada several years ago.

The government would not recognize his degree. We tapped on recent issues of disappointment and low self-worth as well as issues from the past, bringing his SUDs measurement numbers to 0 or 1 each time. As much as possible we tested his memories by exaggerating and searching for any leftover emotions. On his 3rd session he reported no pain at all and I could see that his walking and speech were much better.

He did report difficulty sleeping for the last few nights so we looked at what happened the day that began and tapped on what might be affecting him. After telling me about a dream he had, an old memory surfaced about how his brothers and sisters treated him that included fear, betrayal, grief, hurt, resentment and major disappointment.

We cleared each emotion, one at a time, while he focused on the event and was smiling at the end of the session.

When he came for his 4th and final session we was smiling and not using his cane. He said the people at his church were amazed when they saw him walking down the aisle without any help at all.

They said it was like a miracle. He also told me that his doctor said he could not believe the results of the tests recently done and that he wanted Morris to re-take the tests. His doctor had never seen results of this sort and wanted to be sure the test results were correct.

As Morris had no physical symptoms left to work on, we talked about his future.

His choices had changed when he realized that he could now go back to work. He spoke of taking a vacation with his family, working on a budget to create a clinic to do his own work in and finally dealing with issues of the family he had left back home.

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT tapping therapy workshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please refer to a physician for all medical issues.

The Role of EFT in Healing Breast Cancer

Dear EFT Community,

Bill Jensen, certified EFT practitioner, sent in this article, stating: “A few weeks ago a client of mine sent me this account of our joint experience in addressing her breast cancer with EFT and has given me permission to share it with the world. I am sharing it here in its entirety.” The client titled her account “The Role of EFT in My Alternative Healing of Triple Negative Invasive Carcinoma of the Right Breast—Diagnosed January, 2011.” 

-Stephanie M

By Sandra Fackler of Twin Falls, Idaho

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having two surgeries, when I refused the standard chemo and radiation treatments, my oncologist gave me the name of a book: Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. I was determined to put my cancer into remission by using supplements to boost my own immune system; beyond that I was at a loss how to proceed.

While the tumor had been found timely, pathology showed that I had a second form of breast cancer as well and had cancer cells already in both blood and lymph systems.

From the book, I found out one of the big items standing in the way of the body’s own healing system is old emotional wounds; I determined to do mind-body energy work to solve that as well as ongoing problems with family members, which continued to be stressful.

I was already familiar with EFT and while I had successfully used it for occasional headache or painful muscles, I thought I needed a professional to help me get the most from the technique. Alone, I would find my mind wandering and never finished the needed rounds to persistently release emotional blockages. In my situation, I needed to do EFT well and often.

Using the Internet I found a certified EFT practitioner in Burley [Idaho], William “Bill” Jensen. We met in person at his office for two non-consecutive sessions. The rest of two years, we met by telephone, mostly once a week, for an hour of what I think of as support for the cure. Each session we discussed my current stresses with family and/or relationships and then we would tap on one or more issues.

Often during the tapping, I would receive strong intuition about specific things I could do, or ways I could think about issues in my life to relieve the tension and be at peace with things I couldn’t change.

I was pretty much a responsibility sponge most of my life, but gradually we changed that way of thinking. I found myself having actual boundaries, and being able to say no without guilt as I learned to put myself and my health first in my life. Finally, at the end of two years, my oncologist declared that I am in remission and have no detectable cancer anywhere in my body.

I learned so much from Bill and Emotional Freedom Techniques. My life is in my control much more than ever before in my 73 years of life. I still have a large helping of daily stress, but, thankfully, I take one day at a time and remain calm. I’ve developed my creative side again and am working on a second book, this one of poetry and watercolor art.

I continue in better health and believe the best is yet to be.

I’m very grateful for Bill’s excellent guidance in using EFT to heal my body and change my thoughts, as well as his support and friendship.

Breast Cancer Care: Clear Underlying Emotional Conflict

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT workshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please refer to a physician for all medical issues.

Breast Cancer Care: Clear Underlying Emotional Conflict

Dear EFT Community,

In this article, JoAnn SkyWatcher, author of Touched by a Miracle: EFT Healing Stories, writes about a breast cancer patient who used EFT to help her clear the conflicts that she was having, including any blocks to healing as part of her cancer care.


By JoAnn SkyWatcher

Belinda, a woman in her middle years, recently learned that she has breast cancer. She switched to a raw foods diet and immediately started losing weight. She also started seeing different therapists.

I explained to her that EFT could help her clear any conflicts that she was having, including any blocks she has to healing.

Though Belinda lives close enough that we could have done a session in person, we decided to do a phone session to save time. The way that I like doing EFT is to get to the biggest underlying issue, and for Belinda her biggest conflict centered around spending so much time taking care of her elderly parents that she hasn’t allowed time to take care of herself.

The intensity of the conflict was a 10, and when I asked her where it was located in her body, she replied that it felt the most intense in her throat and third eye. Then she noticed that it had become entangled in all of her chakras.

When we did up the set-up phrases we included statements such as, "Even though:

  • There is a part of me that doesn’t think this is going to work, I love and accept myself.
  • I doubt that this will work…
  • It’s a juggling act with a few too many balls in the air...
  • I have this conflict with taking care of my parents and not taking care of myself...
  • I haven’t been taking care of myself…"

During the first round, we used “It’s a juggling act” as her reminder phrase. I could hear her laughing when she repeated, “It’s a juggling act.”

After each round of tapping I asked about the intensity level in her chakras, reminding her that it had been a 10 when we started. At the end of the first round, the intensity dropped from a 10 to an 8. We talked a little more, and it seemed that it might have continued to drop, so I repeated my question. It had dropped to a 6.

To determine what her “sweet spots” were, I asked which of the points that she had tapped on felt particularly good. She came up with four points that stood out for her (her collar bone, side of the eye, above the lip and the top of the head).

I told her that in the future, when  feeling any anxiety or frustration, she can tap or press on her sweet spots for instant relief. The next round of tapping brought the intensity down to a 4. I could hear her yawning over the phone. I reminded her that yawning is a release. She said that she was feeling more relaxed as she tapped.

On the third round, she tapped on all the responsibilities that she had with her parents, and how she had forgotten about herself.  She also shared how she hadn’t taken care of herself, and that she would eat a carton of Häagen-Dazs ice cream for dinner.

One of her set-up phrases was: "Even though I used to eat a carton of Häagen-Dazs for dinner, I love and accept myself."

At one point as we were tapping, Belinda blurted out, "I’m important!" and so we finished the round with her tapping on "I’m important!" Her intensity dropped to a 2.  Belinda shared with me how she was getting other people involved with all of the jobs that she had been doing for her folks. She was going to continue to lessen her load and shifting her focus to taking good care of herself.

With her final round of tapping, we didn’t use any set-up phrases (because the intensity was less than 3). We started with: “I am important!” I encouraged her to come up with her own affirmations as we tapped.

The affirmations included:

  • I am important
  • I remember I am important
  • I take good care of myself
  • I count
  • I make time for fun (she really liked this one)
  • The cancer is dissolving as we speak
  • We have fun at my Titty Party (she had told me she was going to have a breast party)
  • I am healthy
  • I am whole and complete

Belinda was really laughing after this last round. Her intensity dropped down to 0. She said that she was feeling really relaxed. I asked if she was familiar with Louise Hay’s work, and she said she had several of her books. I shared this affirmation that Louise uses for breast problems.

Caregivers have to remember to take good care of themselves or they can end up getting sick themselves. It truly is a balancing act to take care of oneself and to take care of parents. Belinda is learning how balance her own life with her obligations of taking care of her parents.

Now she has EFT as a tool with which to help herself with her cancer care. 

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