Title Author Hits
Psoriasis Gone after EFT: Before and After Photos Written by Annette Vaillancourt Hits: 2674
EFT Tapping for Skin Breakout Cause (video) Written by Ex Contractor Catherine Hits: 1720
How EFT Prevented a Cold Sore from Developing Written by Marika Berman Hits: 6023
EFT for Cellulitis: A Hair-Raising Issue Written by Dawson Church Hits: 1948
EFT for Acne: Tapping on the Physical Components Written by Dawson Church Hits: 14402
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for Lifelong Psoriasis Hits: 3109
Eczema Cleared with EFT Matrix Reimprinting Hits: 4632
Tapping Away Guilt Relieves Eczema Written by David Mackay Hits: 5558
Facebook EFT Resolves Hives, Headache, and Irritability Hits: 17496
Fast relief for mosquito bites with EFT Hits: 2774
EFT Tapping Solution for Eczema Written by Dawson Church Hits: 7670
EFT Hastens Healing of Chronic Skin Sores Written by Administrator Hits: 871
EFT Ends 16 Years of Eczema Hits: 4635
Successful relief from a life-time of boils Hits: 7063
Vitiligo (a skin condition) is erased after finding and overcoming the emotional cause Written by David Mackay Hits: 11367
Eczema Disappears after Releasing Core Emotions with EFT Written by David Mackay Hits: 9151
Five warts disappear after using EFT Written by Administrator Hits: 1958
EFT for Vitiligo and Traumatic Experiences Written by Dawson Church Hits: 6173
Lawyer's skin condition clears after tapping on the stress associated with being a new lawyer Written by Administrator Hits: 8651
EFT Tapping Easily Handles Skin Eruption Written by Dawson Church Hits: 3845
Shingle symptoms gone in just two EFT sessions Written by Administrator Hits: 4658
EFT Handles Shingles without Medication Hits: 6130
Severe Warts Resolved after Clearing Core Issue with EFT Written by Administrator Hits: 8910
Finding the emotion behind the severe skin condition Hits: 9944
EFT Provides Instant Relief for Poison Ivy Itching Hits: 4249
EFT removes a pesky "phantom itch" Written by Administrator Hits: 2325
Using EFT for shrinking moles, skin tags and seborrheic cysts Written by Administrator Hits: 10616
EFT for Uncontrollable Blushing Hits: 5141
EFT for Spider and Mosquito Bites Written by Administrator Hits: 1408
How to Heal a Sunburn with EFT Tapping Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2572
EFT for Plantar Warts Hits: 3751
She Had Plantar Warts for 42 Years and Had Tried Everything to Get Rid of Them. Hits: 1991
EFT Clears Painful Jellyfish Sting Hits: 1684
Severe Skin Disorder Disappears Hits: 4209
Step on a Bee, Use EFT Written by Administrator Hits: 2167
Side Benefit of an EFT Session: Bee Sting Swelling Disappears Written by Administrator Hits: 1778
EFT Relieves Embarrassing Blushing Hits: 2666
EFT Clears Poison Oak Hits: 5055
Painful, Burning Skin Rash Tapped Away in 7 Days Written by Administrator Hits: 6428


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