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EFT Stops Herpes Cold Sore from Developing

Dear EFT Community, 

Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner Marika Berman, MS, EFT INT-1, relates how she used EFT to stop a cold sore before it started. She was well acquainted with the symptoms signaling that a cold sore was about to erupt, having previously endured this unpleasant outbreak of herpes labialis. With brief but focused tapping, she was able to avoid the outbreak.

-Stephanie M

By Marika Berman, MS, EFT INT-1

When I felt a familiar uncomfortable sensitivity on my lower lip, announcing that another cold sore would soon appear, I started EFT tapping right away.

For those of you not familiar with this condition, just a few words about cold sores or fever blisters (herpes labialis): It is estimated that in the United States 20–45% of the adult population experiences an episode in their lifetime.

Once this virus infects you, it stays dormant in the body for life, with occasional outbreaks. The outbreaks are what give this infection its common name.  

In the peak stage, there are painful blisters on the lips or other affected areas. The episode usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks until it heals.

The first thing that came to my mind was: “Oh no, I don’t want to have another blister for 2 or more weeks!” I had one 6 months ago, and it was not fun!

I tapped on that: 

“Even though I fear having an ugly, painful and repulsive lip for 2 or 3 weeks, I still deeply and completely accept myself.” Reminder Phrases: “This fear of cold sore,” “It will take long to heal,” “I will look bad,” “It will be annoying.”

After that I scanned my life for any emotional cause that might have contributed to this cold sore. I found a couple of things, but I had already tapped on those, so I went on with the basic phrase:

“Even though I have this cold sore (starting), I deeply and completely accept and love myself.”

Reminder Phrase: “This cold sore.” 

I made sure while tapping that I was tuned in to the tingling, uncomfortable sensation in my lip. 

I could have made the Setup Statement fancier, describing the sensation, but to my surprise two rounds of this basic tapping took away the sensation. My lip felt completely normal at that point. 

Still, I wasn’t sure it was over. And indeed, in a few hours, I felt the same sensitivity, itching, and heat at the same spot on my lip again. I used the same tapping phrase, with the same great result. It took only a couple of minutes. 

Over the next 3 days, I had to tap like this about three to five times a day. I occasionally also used the 9 Gamut Procedure between rounds of tapping.

The result was great! At the place where the cold sore usually develops there was only a tiny, barely visible red spot for about a day. No pain, swelling, or blister.

I felt it was important that I started tapping at the first signs, before the physical symptoms came fully on. 

Depending on your individual situation, you may need a wider range of tapping phrases. In my practice, I’ve worked with a gentleman who had deep shame over having this herpes simplex virus, which was linked to an emotional event in his life.

In cases like this, more EFT work would probably be necessary. 

I hope this article will help more of us. I’ll be happy to hear of your own experiences!

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EFT for Cellulitis: A Hair-Raising Issue

Dear EFT Community,

Here, EFT-Expert practitioner Sherrie Rice Smith shares how she helped a client with cellulitis uncover the core “hair-raising” issue underlying it.

-Stephanie M

By Sherrie Rice Smith, RN, BA, EFT-EXP

James presented to me with a cellulitis of his neck. He is not a stranger to cellulitis, inflammation of the cells, mostly skin, in any area of the body, as he has had several other cases on his legs.

When asked how he felt about his cellulitis, he told me “angry,” because he had to sit and keep a heating pad on it. His anger was a 9 SUD level. We tapped down his anger.

He couldn't identify exactly what else he was angry about or any other feeling in his body, so I had James take his super-duper teeny-tiny spy optic glass (he likes James Bond!), go into his neck, and look around for some kind of clue. James closed his eyes, beginning his spy mission.

He tapped for a minute or two, telling me, “This makes absolutely no sense, but it is hair-raising.”

“It is hair-raising because…?” I asked. Tap, tap, tap. Then he said, “It is hair-raising because of the speed.”

“Speed of what?” I inquired.

“Speed that I do things. I like getting lots of jobs done,” he answered.

Knowing James, as I do because he has been a client on several occasions, I asked, “You get a lot done, but you never finish the job because you never clean up, do you?” We’d tapped on this theme in the past, so here was another aspect. “What feeling do you have with getting lots of jobs accomplished?” I asked.

“Oh, that is happiness and joy” was his reply.

“How happy and joyful are you?”

“It’s a 9!” James proudly announced.

“Then what is the feeling about leaving your messes behind?” I inquired.

“That is a 9, too, of frustration,” he answered.

I asked James to tap down his frustration on leaving a mess behind when he finished a project. He did so without any difficulty.

Now, I wanted to try something on him. James had told me his basement was once clean enough one could eat off the floor. It wasn't like that anymore (let me tell you, because I've seen it!). He was really, really happy, but also really, really frustrated. We’d neutralized the frustration.

I thought we needed something else, or so my gut told me.

I certainly didn't want to take away his 9 SUD level of euphoria and joy at accomplishment, but he needed a boost of something to maybe slow down the “hair-raising” pace at which he worked, to improve the quality and completeness of his jobs (and these “jobs” were hobby related, so there was no life-or-death matter there), rather than zipping through them and always leaving the basement in more disarray than when he started.

I had to think this tapping solution part through carefully before I began, so I took a few minutes to think.

James was always happy when he flashed through projects, but he never wanted to clean up. I wanted EFT to neutralize his aversion to cleaning, so as to perhaps motivate him into doing so.

So we tapped, as I tap OCD cases:

I had James imagine he would always have to clean, never taking a break to eat, or to drink, or even to go to the bathroom. His life would be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning—24/7. I was approaching this like EFT approaches depression. In depression, we practitioners have the client say, “I’m so happy”, when the client is clearly not happy but depressed. Somehow, that opposite statement triggers the neurons into changing and releasing their negative hold.

I wanted to try to get his neurons to do the same thing by tapping on opposite sides of the issue. We’d tapped the frustration of not cleaning, so now we would tap the frustration of always cleaning and see if it would leave him somewhere in the middle—just normal cleaning after a project.

James indicated once again his 9 frustration level of always having to clean for the rest of his life without a break. We then tapped that frustration down to 0.

When I inquired after the session how he felt, James was still pretty excited about doing projects—quantity, not quality. I told him to let our tapping set, then let me know how it went.

Interestingly, within a day or 2, he phoned to tell me that he realized that without thinking he was putting tools away as he finished with them, rather than just laying them on his workbench. He was actually taking time to clean up, instead of going on to the next project immediately.

Well, this could be interesting. I did tell him to see how it all went and we could tweak the tapping a bit more if need be to break his leaving a mess after a project was finished.

Time will tell ...

What I found more interesting was the fact that James’ cellulitis was literally just inside his hairline on the back of his neck. It was “hair-raising”! Isn’t it amazing to what lengths the mind will go to in order to make us deal with our emotional issues.

It is a good warning to us all to keep dealing with every emotion that comes down the pike in order to avoid our own bodies letting loose with something like James’ cellulitis in order to make us slow down enough to simply pay attention and deal with those same emotions. Be mindful!

7/9/13 I spoke with James this morning about how he was doing. He indicated that indeed the cleanup mode he was in after our tapping continues unabated to this day. He never leaves anything just lying around.

Once finished with a tool, James puts it back where it belongs!

Could EFT get our kids to clean their rooms? I will leave that to someone to decide!

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT workshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please refer to a physician for all medical issues.

EFT Matrix Reimprinting for Lifelong Psoriasis

Dear EFT Community,

Ros Powell shares how she used EFT Matrix Reimprinting to resolve the psoriasis that her client had suffered with for 40+ years. She includes before and after photos to show the difference in the condition after their sessions.

-Stephanie M

By Ros Powell

A woman in her forties had suffered from psoriasis since birth. She had some knowledge and experience of EFT and was eager to try and overcome her skin ailment, as it caused her significant problems. This client, whom I’ll call Mira, also had a number of other debilitating physical illnesses.

Due to the fact that she had only five sessions available to her through her employer, we were only able to concentrate on the skin disorder and some workplace issues, with which she presented initially.

Meta Medicine diagnosis revealed that the source of Mira’s psoriasis was a separation conflict experienced by Mira’s mother while Mira was in the womb. (Meta Medicine is a development of German New Medicine.)

Mira told me that her mother had become pregnant with her before marriage, which had brought shame on the whole family. Therefore Mira’s mother had feared she would be excluded and have to leave the family home. The father of the child was un-supportive and, although some family members did not ostracize her at the time, her parents severely disapproved. The couple married three months into the pregnancy. Mira was born with her skin problem, which had never resolved, despite many treatments and medications.

Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Mira returned to the moments before the birth and then visualized her mother in a hospital bed, holding her new baby, with the father and family around her being supportive and happy, and that they had also been during the term of the pregnancy. “I feel like I've got a whole new family,” she said, and felt that the problem had been resolved.

Mira returned twice after this session. On the first occasion, 3 weeks later, I could see little difference in the psoriasis, but she assured me that it was far less inflamed and did not itch.

She returned again after 2 months (she’d had to cancel one of her sessions) to inform me that her psoriasis was, in her estimation, now 85 percent improved and that she felt that the problem would totally resolve itself in time.

She believed that her progress was slow due to the severity of her other physical complaints, which were currently causing her some difficulty.


Before treatment (left); 3 months later (right)

Mira was able to resolve her mother’s separation conflict and thereby enable her skin disorder to heal. Due to Mira’s other physical health problems, progress was slow, but Mira was optimistic that she would make a full recovery in time.

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT workshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please refer to a physician for all medical issues.

EFT for Acne: Tapping on the Physical Components

Dear EFT Community,

In this article, Luke Sawyer, an EFT practitioner, who specializes in helping people overcome their acne, a multifaceted condition. Here he details how to use EFT on the physical components of acne. In future articles, he will share how to address the emotions and core issues and beliefs associated with this skin problem that is there for all the world to see. 

-Stephanie M

By Luke Sawyer

Acne is a many-faceted condition. Not only do you have the physical acne, which can be painful in its own right, but acne also creates strong negative emotions. In addition to that, acne is often caused by core emotional issues and beliefs that need to be addressed. Once these deeper core issues are cleared, the body has no need for acne, and it heals on its own.

I want to share some of the tapping approaches I used for my acne that I found very helpful for the physical aspects of it. There are emotional components of acne as well, but since EFT is such a versatile and powerful tool, relief can come on many levels. This is how I got relief for the physical side of acne.

I would usually tap one or two rounds on acne in general, and then focus in on the individual aspects of my acne that were bothering me. Just as with normal EFT application, targeting specifics gave the best results. It felt uncomfortable at first, yet being as descriptive and lurid as possible when creating Setup Statements brought the most relief. I tapped on any aspects that came to mind for me, especially the parts that carried a strong negative emotional physical charge, such as whiteheads or cysts.

Using the specific location of the acne, like the chin, forehead, or back also helped to create effective Setup Statements.

I would also create Setups around individual zits, which was especially helpful if a particular pimple was causing more distress than usual.

Even though I have all this acne on my skin...

Even though I have this pimple on my cheek...

Even though I have these zits around my mouth...

Even though I have this painful pimple on my chin...

Even though this zit is painful to the touch...

Even though I have these painful bumps just below the skin...

Even though I have these whiteheads on my skin...

Even though I have these huge white zits on my cheekbone...

Even though I just want to pick at these whiteheads...

Even though I have this itchiness...

Even though I need to itch this acne so much...

As soon as I finished the tapping rounds targeting the itchiness, I felt a sensation like cool water running down over my face, and the itchy feeling was completely gone. This was one of the most physically beautiful feelings of relief I’ve ever gotten from EFT.

I often tapped several rounds on the redness and inflammation before I left the house, or before I went into a social situation.

It was remarkable because my acne would fade, the redness would lessen, and pimples would simply not stand out against the rest of my skin so much.

Even though I have all this redness on my skin...

Even though I have this inflammation on my cheeks...

Even though I have these zits that are red and inflamed on my cheek...

Even though I have this oily skin...

Even though I have this dry skin...

Another technique that I used was to describe the feelings that I wanted to feel. This is an inspirational part of acne tapping, where we simply let our imagination go free and create the best outcome that we could wish for.

Even though I have this redness on my cheeks, I can feel it fading away, and I deeply accept myself.

Even though I have this inflammation on my face, I choose to feel coolness suffusing my face and my skin growing pale and clear.

Even though I have this acne, I can feel it healing and fading away to nothing. I feel my skin growing smooth and beautiful.

The most dramatic healing I experienced was when three very large and painful pimples appeared on my cheek one day. I knew from past experience that these zits were the kind that took a full week to begin healing, were extremely painful to the touch, and afterward left red marks that lasted for months.

I tapped for about 20 minutes, covering all aspects I could think of. Several hours later, I realized that the pimples were no longer painful to the touch. Within two days they were completely gone, without even leaving a red mark. I was blown away. As far as my acne went, this kind of healing was unprecedented.

Not all of my tapping was that dramatic or successful, but to this day it stands as a mark of just how fast and dramatically EFT can heal.

In addition to the dramatic healings I experienced, EFT improved the overall healing of my acne. Zits and cysts healed sooner, left fewer marks or scars, and went through their healing cycle much faster. In many cases, tapping for acne that I could feel under the skin but which hadn’t yet appeared would eliminate it entirely so that it never developed into zits at all.

In the Setup Statement, saying that we love and accept ourselves can be challenging, especially since acne often represents everything that we cannot accept about ourselves. Instead of “I love and accept myself deeply,” I would sometimes tap into other parts of my body or skin that I was okay with. Doing this helped move my concentration from that part of me (my skin) that I didn’t accept, and shift to other parts that I had positive (or at least no negative) feelings about, such as my ankle or big toe.

It could even be quite humorous, locating and appreciating parts of myself that I didn’t often think about.

It allowed me to begin tapping into good feelings about my body, which is a powerful step when dealing with acne.

Even though I have this acne on my cheeks, I love and accept the smooth skin on my arm.

Even though I have these marks on my face, I’m totally okay with my right foot.

Even though I have breakouts all over my face, I love that my leg works so well.

Even though I have this inflammation on my cheeks, I’m really okay with my little toe.

These are just a few ideas for Setup Statements to use. It’s sometimes necessary to “test-drive” a bunch of different Setup Statements before major shifts occur, but persistence will pay off here as we discover what our acne responds to the best. 

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT workshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please refer to a physician for all medical issues.

Eczema Cleared with EFT Matrix Reimprinting

Dear EFT Community,

In this article, Ros Powell explains how she used a combination of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, along with the diagnostic tool of Meta Medicine, to resolve her client's eczema. She provides photographs to show the difference before and after their treatment sessions. 

-Stephanie M 

By Ros Powell

A client, whom I’ll call Jackie, came to me for help with her eczema. She was keen to try this approach.

I used Meta Medicine, a development of German New Medicine, as a diagnostic tool, and identified Jackie’s problem as a separation conflict, which her mother must have experienced whilst she was pregnant with Jackie. I asked her to speak to her mother about any issues of separation that may have caused a problem during her pregnancy, which she did. It transpired that during her pregnancy Jackie’s mother experienced many separations from her husband who frequently worked away from home, which caused her considerable anxiety.

Using Matrix Reimprinting, I asked Jackie to visualise herself back in the womb. This happened whilst the basic EFT tapping process took place. Jackie was able to imagine this and also to visualise her mother alone at home. In order to change the echo in her field, I asked her to consider what would have made her mother feel comfortable with the situation. Jackie imagined her mother at home with a dog for company and she also brought her aunt and her children into the picture to stay with her mother whenever she needed company. Jackie then felt that her mother could easily cope with her husband being away, no longer felt any anxiety, and was therefore relaxed and content.

I asked Jackie to return in 3 weeks time and warned her that her eczema might become more inflamed before it healed. In Meta Medicine terms, this was the healing crisis. When I saw her again, she told me that this had in fact been the case, but that her eczema had now completely healed. (See the accompanying before and after photographs.) One year later, her symptoms had not returned.


 Before treatment (left); and 3 weeks after treatment with one small spot still healing (right)


Meta Medicine identified the cause of the client’s eczema. By questioning her mother, the client was able to pinpoint the nature of her mother’s separation conflict. Using basic EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to resolve this issue for my client, in the womb, the cause of the eczema was identified and eliminated and the skin problem rapidly disappeared. Therefore it would appear that Meta Medicine is an accurate diagnostic tool and that Matrix Reimprinting is an effective technique for reducing the intensity of past traumatic events.

Ros Powell
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