Title Author Hits
Headache, Substance Sensitivities, Phone Work, Dental Fears, and Grief Written by Administrator Hits: 2126
Migraine on the Road Written by Courtney Arnold Hits: 2202
Migraines Linked to Feelings of Inadequacy Hits: 585
Headache Vanishes with EFT Tapping Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2721
EFT for Migraine Headache Follow-Up Story Written by Dawson Church Hits: 3105
From Near Death to No More Migraine Medication Hits: 5107
Collapsing Her Migraines' "Table Legs" Hits: 2870
Migraine Gone in Less Than 10 Minutes Hits: 5785
Skeptical Mom Eliminates Son's Migraine Hits: 2248
The Emotional Cause of Her Migraine Headaches Hits: 3722
Migraine Success: "Too many people in my head" Hits: 2099
Relief from Nagging Migraines With EFT Tapping Written by Dawson Church Hits: 44
Headaches Fade after Forgiveness Addressed Hits: 349
From a Migraine to an Epiphany Hits: 2782
5-Day Migraine Fades in 10 Min with EFT Written by Dale Teplitz Hits: 3016
Debilitating Migraines Gone after 40 Years Hits: 3132
Message in the Setup Identifies Core Issue in a Migraine Hits: 2071
EFT Resolves Decades of Migraines: No More Meds Hits: 3607
Chocolate-Induced Migraine Cleared with EFT Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2503
Ending Chronic Migraines after Medication Stopped Working Hits: 2780
EFT Newbie Relieves His Wife's Migraines Hits: 3749
Newbie Achieves a "5-Minute Wonder" for a Migraine Hits: 2354
Migraines Disappear after Identifying Core Issue Hits: 2251
Persistence Pays in EFT: Headache Gone after Seeming Failures Hits: 2158
Taking Care of a Major Migraine in Minutes Hits: 2111

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