Pain Management

Intense Back Pain and Bumbness

by Larry Stewart, D.C.H.

Two weeks ago, at 8:00 on Saturday morning, I awakened to hear my wife's cries of pain. Shirley had picked up a stack of magazines, and in the process, had pinched a nerve in her back (she's done it before) and was lying on the ground, crying from the pain. I almost called an ambulance, but I decided to see if I could offer some immediate relief from some of the pain. She rated the pain as a solid 10, and numbness in the toes, an 8 on the big toe and 10 on the small ones.

We tapped, no change. We tapped again, maybe a little relief. About 15 rounds of tapping and we had her to a 1 on the pain, 0 on the numbness in the big toe, and 2-3 on the smaller toes. She rested and continued to tap every few hours through the weekend. We finally got her to the doctor and the Chiropractor on Monday.

For the next few days, anytime the pain crept up, she would tap. She continued to tap for the numbness. Ten days later, she is starting to be able to walk normally again. When this has happened before it meant days in bed followed by months of pain and numbness. I'm convinced EFT helped, at least to relieve the neuro-muscular tension that accompanies the injury.

Larry Stewart, D.C.H.

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