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Phantom Pain

Few things are as puzzling and frustrating as phantom pain, but through EFT, you can start healing often with immediate results!

EFT and Phantom Pain

Our nervous system is a network of signals that connects all parts of the body to the brain and vice-versa. With no blocks in the way, these messages will reach their destination smoothly. But when tissues suffer damage, the nerve fibers may start sending the wrong signals. In case of amputations, the nerves at the cut-off point might behave as if they’re still transmitting messages from the now-absent limb. Nerves may also start sending sensation or pain signals to the brain.


Phantom limb syndrome is a disturbing experience for many people. However, with EFT you can retrain your nervous system to recognize the true state of your body. A simple tapping procedure will stimulate points in your body and enable damaged nerves to revitalize themselves properly. This is just a simple introduction, but you can start experiencing EFT’s benefits on our < easy-to-understand EFT Get Started Package.> Further, < get advanced knowledge on EFT healing through our DVD Libraries. >


Phantom pain is simply one of the many manifestations of neuropathic pain, caused by errors in the nervous system. Know more about dealing with neuropathic pain on our next page.


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