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EFT Banishes a Massive Phobia of Snakes Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT- Acupressure self-help technique

Dear EFT Community,

Learn how to overcome the fear of snakes. In this tapping story by certified EFT practitioner and EFT trainer Annie O’Grady, she describes successful EFT tapping for a client with a severe case of ophiophobia, or fear of snakes.

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By Annie O’Grady, Certified EFT Practitioner

Claire, a library officer, was so afraid of snakes that she couldn’t say the word “snake.” If pressed, she would say, “That thing-y.”

She had developed the snake phobia in her teens, with no idea why. She could not remember ever having an encounter with a snake. By the time she was in her 20s, if she said “snake” or saw a picture of one, she would break out in a sweat, feel nauseous, develop an instant headache, and feel her heart slam against her chest. So she avoided the word.

After she had completed EFT training Levels 1 and 2 with me, one day while driving a friend home she realized with a shock that she had just driven over an already flattened snake. She could only pull the car over to the side of the road and collapse against the steering wheel, sobbing and shaking. She went through two panic attacks, while her passenger, a fellow tapper, tapped her through it.

“What’s the matter?” asked her bewildered friend. 

Eventually, Claire gasped, “I just drove over a thing-y.”

Claire decided to confront the phobia in a tapping session with me. She’s happy to share her story.

Claire revealed that a, “A week after the driving episode I met with Annie. Through tapping on the anxiety and fear I felt over snakes, a memory from my early childhood resurfaced spontaneously.”

We had reached that point after I asked Claire about other times she’d had similar physical and emotional reactions. She suddenly remembered an incident when she was very young, in kindergarten, involving another child and her own feelings of guilt. We applied the Matrix Reimprinting process so that Claire could tap on her young self in her mind.

“By the end of the hour,” Claire continued, “I was saying the word ‘snake’ with no hesitation and no negative side effects, mental or physical. I was imagining a snake slithering along the ground and, to my shock, I didn’t feel a thing!

“Later that day I watched ‘The Tapping Solution’ EFT documentary by Nick Ortner. No one had warned me there was a snake in the DVD. When the snake first appeared, my instinct was to look away like I would have in the past, with my feet up off the floor, feeling like I was going to be sick.

“But I started tapping, and worked up enough courage to sneak quick glances at the screen, without any real discomfort. By the next day I could watch the entire snake scene without flinching, and I even found myself thinking how cute the snake was!

“Thank you, Annie, and thank you, tapping! I had a complete turnaround of a massive phobia in just 1 hour. Who knew it would be so easy?”

The mystery remaining is: Where did the phobia come from? And why did it go? The kindergarten memory did not contain a snake or any snakelike object. The only similarity was Claire’s emotional state. 

Do we need to care why? Claire’s suffering over seeing snakes is at an end, probably permanently. If by any chance the phobia should resurface later—perhaps when she is ready to deal with some other hidden memory—now that Claire is a tapper, she will know how to free herself again.

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