Attention: To All Professional Athletes and Team Owners

Dear EFT Community,

Deborah Miller, PhD shares her experience using EFT for muscle strain and how EFT helps with pain and muscle stiffness.

-Will M.

By Deborah Miller, PhD

Attention professional athletes and team coaches,

I had an experience of stretching a muscle after falling into a hole. I enjoy testing the possibilities of what can be released with EFT, so I figured I'd see if doing some immediate tapping would ease the discomfort.

It did.

I was walking along a different area of the woods from where I normally walk. Actually it was alongside a cornfield in the mountains (they grow corn on the mountainsides where I live in Mexico). I was along the edge of the cornfield.

I stepped forward and my whole left leg dropped into a hole that I couldn't see because it was covered with tall grass. Now the leg that went into the whole didn't hurt at all, but my right leg hurt because of the speed with which the muscles had to contract to compensate for the lack of ground under my left leg.

I pulled my leg out of the hole and realized it was fine.

After taking a few steps I realized the muscles in the calf area of my right leg ached. It wasn't bad but felt like a light pull. I could walk even though it ached, but I knew that it was one of those aches that would cause more problems the day after then immediately.

I tapped briefly for the ache and especially for feeling stupid that I hadn't seen the hole (which was impossible to see even when looking at it directly). T

he ache went away and I walked on.

Later that evening the muscles started to stiffen again. I sat down and did more tapping on the foolishness of my walking somewhere I was not familiar with and not taking the appropriate precautions. This cornfield was near the edge of a ravine. So I tapped on all versions of my silliness and carelessness.

Then I tapped on the physical ache and pulled muscles. I followed with tapping in the concept of a quick repair and relaxation of the muscles.

Within minutes the ache went away and I forgot all about my perceived lack of carelessness.

The pain never came back and I feel completely fine.

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