Enhancing performance by tapping along with the TV 

By Andi Whitaker

Tapping along with the Olympics

I assume you too have been glued to your TV watching the Olympics, I have found it both inspiring and exhausting watching all that sweat and effort running across my TV screen every night.

Then, suddenly after I had recovered from associating too strongly with a synchronised diving event, I had this brain wave. I could tap as I watched the finest athletes on the planet running across my lounge wall.

So I started tapping in what I call free-form style. Just start and see where you end up.

Even though I can not run fast enough / I could run faster / I could be more supple / I have a fantastic fit body / I can do press ups easily.

As you can see they are a mix of positive and negative, the important thing was just to tap. I tapped so much my head started to fizz, a bit like recovering from a mild flu.

I continued this procedure over the remaining nights of the games and the results were very good. I have recently started a keep fit program, involving 4 simple exercises and running on the spot. Before tapping in the manner indicated above, my best running on the spot achievement was 150 steps–and I was exhausted at the end of it. However, after tapping I easily reached 225 steps and 5 days later reached 400 steps. All this without straining. I was able to relax into the exercises in a manner that was previously impossible.

I have continued to maintain my progress and really enjoy the exercise program.

Obviously the principle could be applied to any sport.

Love and taps

Andi Whitaker


Tapping along with advertisements and beyond

After the success of my Olympic viewing and EFT I was sitting watching the TV feeling a bit flat after all the excitement and the success of my exercise program.

How could I watch TV and tap? I felt I was missing out on something; on the edge of an important discovery. So I tapped for this state, literally:

Even though I feel I am on the edge of an important discovery and feel frustrated etc and then forgot all about it.

A couple of days later; ping!

Just as previously I had enjoyed the spectacle of the finest athletes in my living room, now I was being seduced by the finest persuasive brains on the planet to buy their products.

So now I tap for all my stuff about material wealth. I actually feel incredibly rich and blessed, but I would like a house with a garden. I’m now trying out what I call extreme set ups. I’ve always liked the concept of living within your comfort zones and I feel an interesting idea is to explore the boundaries of the zones; the edges. As I watched adverts for houses I would tap on both sides of the issue:

Even though I could never afford to live in such a house....

Even though I could easily afford to live in such a house....

Then I realised I didn’t have to restrict myself to the adverts, the whole of human life is played out across our TV screens drama, humour, thrillers, comedy, every state is there to entertain us.

So if I’m watching a great stand up comic:

Even though I don’t tell jokes very well....

Even though I am a great stand up comic....

Or viewing a history program:

Even though at school I wasn’t very good at history....

Even though I don’t remember dates very well....

Or a program on Zen Monks

Even though I am not a Zen Master of EFT

Even though I am a Zen Master of EFT

After the last one I have started to notice some changes to the way I practice EFT.

Thank you for the email news letter. It’s one of the highlights of my week. Always a pleasant surprise.

Best taps

Andi Whitaker

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