Using EFT for a Commitment in Golf

By Steve Wells

Commitment is the quality that sets an amateur apart from a professional. Things come to those that are committed that will never come to those who are just interested.

If you are divided within yourself you cannot achieve your goal easily. When you concentrate your power and focus, all of a sudden it is not only possible, it becomes inevitable. EFT can help us by dealing with the divisions within ourselves which prevent us from making the commitment to our own success.

We can deal with the negative associations towards whatever actions we need to take to achieve it.

Over the past year, I have worked with a very good amateur golfer who aims to make it into the professional ranks. We have worked through several specific performance areas, beginning with his chipping onto the green. After using EFT to deal with his fear of embarrassment over publicly making a mis-hit, his confidence expanded significantly.

We then looked at his ultimate goals - which are quite high.

Each fortnight, we get together and review his progress, apply EFT to areas of concern, and design the next steps. Although we made steady progress, the rate of progress was frustratingly slow-until we looked at the area of commitment...

When I asked how strongly he was committed to achieving his ultimate goals, he would blush and be unable to maintain eye contact.

After a session where we looked at what would need to be happening for him to be totally committed to his goals, he realised that he was using too much time and energy in a job that he hated and that was taking away from his ability to give 100% to his golf.

He decided that to really commit to his goal, he would need to give up the job and focus entirely on developing his golf game.

In practical terms, this would necessitate asking his father for a loan of about $20 000 to support him for the next year and to enable him to attend the required tournaments to become professional.

This was a big ask and as you can imagine he had a significant amount of fear over taking this step.

We did a lot of EFT work, initially on the thought of asking his father for the money, the feeling of obligation this would bring, and dealing with his concerns over how his father might respond to the request.

In the meantime, his performances were just average and he even began to wonder if this is what he was meant to be doing.

We also worked on his fear of taking the plunge. As with most aspiring high achievers, this young man was suffering from fear of success as well as fear of failure. We worked on this too as we continued to work on his fear of asking his father for the money.

I had him create in his mind the images of ultimate success - with him inside the picture - and apply EFT to the tension these images created inside him. We did the same thing with the fears over how his dad might respond to his request for money, and to the feelings of obligation that borrowing the money created for him.

I didn't see him for 3-4 weeks. But when he returned he had asked his dad for the money, and his father had willingly obliged. He was ready to go forward and succeed.

Having thus given himself a signal to mark out his commitment, this young man has now started to move ahead in leaps and bounds.

In the past 2 months he has finished second in two local tournaments, achieved a top five placing in an international tournament (where he finished 12 under par), beaten several players ranked above him (who previously would have intimidated him big-time), and managed to post some incredible scores (eg. 64, 65, 67, 69).

He is not only looking forward to the upcoming tournaments that are crucial to his professional goals, but when focusing on them and talking about them he exudes a feeling of calm confidence that is not easily shaken.

Of course, I do all I can to shake his confidence by provocatively playing devils advocate (whilst remaining on the side of the angels!) and diligently seeking out additional aspects to which we can apply EFT.

Each time we find an area of concern, we target it with EFT, and then he goes home and continues the tapping work on a daily basis until the intensity is reduced.

We consider every possible pressure situation and I have him create visual associated images (where he is in the picture inside his own body experiencing the situation), and tap on whatever emotion comes up.

There are numerous of these and as we tap away the tension we can be confident that if and when they occur he will be well prepared to handle them. Outside the sessions he actively seeks out experiences that will stretch him beyond his previous comfort zone and develop him into the player he ultimately knows he can be.

Will he succeed? Is there any doubt?

This is the power of commitment. And EFT was crucial in helping this young man to achieve it.

Used diligently and persistently on whatever prevents you from total commitment to your goal, EFT reunites the flow in your energy, allowing you to move forward with absolute alignment, all parts of you working in unison, to the achievement of your dreams.

What do you need to commit to? Why not start tapping on it NOW!


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