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    I have taught at numerous colleges, churches and hospitals. I am best know for my humor and heart centered style of teaching in a relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable manner. i love helping individuals, couples, parents and children learn proven techniques to heal and restore their mind, body and spirit. I am Board Certified as a Professional Counselor and Relationship Expert. I am conventionally trained in Clinical Psychology and Metaphysical Psychology with post graduate training in Mind/Body/Spirit Understanding of health challenges. I strongly believe that an effective system of health care is one that blends mind, body spirit health with science, a system referred to as Holistic Energy Healing, META Healing.

    I am also Director at AIWP Miracles Ministry is a 501 (c) (3) non profit charitable non-denominational religious/ spiritual organization offering Health and Wellness Membership and Relationship Counseling for Removing Barriers to Love to bring about a compassionate world.
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