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The Power of Surrender
The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender: Let Go and Energize Your Relationships, Success, and Well-Being By Judith Orloff M.D. Are you longing for your life to be easier and more fun? Would you like to stop pushing, micromanaging, and forcing things so you can relax? What if you could enjoy what you have instead o [ ... ]

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Love and Relationships
Open yourself to the relationship you’ve always wanted

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Kelly Howe RN EFT practitioner.jpg
Kelly is a registered nurse turned health and wellness coach. After over 11 years experience working as an RN in the clinical setting, she set her sights on integrating her years of knowledge and bedside expertise, with her life long passion for mind/body healing....

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Weight Loss
Transform your body with an ease you never dreamed possible

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Santa Rosa Fire: 12:45 am
Santa Rosa Fire: 12:45 am

Santa Rosa Fire: 12:45 a.m. It’s 12:45 a.m. and I’m wide awake. I’ve been wide awake at that same time every night for the previous week. I can’t get to sleep for at least two hours, and then I toss and turn uneasily till dawn.  I can’t figure out why. I may have the occasional str [ ... ]

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Financial Success
Discover how to unblock the flow of abundance into your life

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