EFT for Debt: Clearing the Anxiety Helps Clear the Bills

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Carol Crenshaw, Certified EFT Practitioner, combines her love of people with a systematic and intuitive approach to help people reach their desired goals. She works with people on all life challenges, and shares how she helped a client tap on her financial worries resulting in an EFT miracle of sorts.

-Stephanie M

By Carol Crenshaw, Certified EFT Practitioner

I recently tapped with a young woman who was greatly troubled by debt.

Although she was a responsible person, she had a series of misfortunes, including robbery, illness, car expenses, student loans she didn’t expect to have to pay back so soon, and unexpected moving costs. She was greatly troubled and worried about how she was going to get it all paid off.

It really weighed on her, as it does for many Americans today.

We tapped on all the worries she had, and especially focused on the moving expenses, as that was the most pressing. The thing that disturbed her the most was a $300 fee to move her alarm system. She thought of just suspending the service, but because she was on a three-year contract, there was a $900 cancellation fee. So she was stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

We tapped on feeling worried, overwhelmed, angry, and the tightness she felt in her forehead, which led to headaches. By the end of the session, her SUD level had dropped from a 9 to a 2, she was more relaxed, and she felt confident that she would be able to figure it out.

Although she left feeling much better, I honestly had a conflict in my own mind.

Part of me was sorry she had spent the money on the session when she had so many pressing bills. But the part of me that knows the subtle repercussions of tapping was thinking, “Okay, universe, what will you do in response to this plea for help?” I was therefore pleasantly surprised to quickly receive an answer to this question.

Two days after the session I received an e-mail from her, which read as follows:

“Thanks for your advice. I wanted to let you know what happened today. Do you remember what I said about the alarm system cost? Transferring the alarm system would cost $300 and to cancel would cost $900? About an hour ago, a lady from the alarm system corporate office called out of nowhere and told me she heard about my dilemma. Then she told me she would come out Saturday and give us a new system and transfer the services at no charge!!! She said she understood how much moving costs could be and would want someone to help her out in the same situation! Isn't that crazy awesome?! So I'd thought I'd share the good news. Thanks for everything...I'll stay in touch.”

How’s that for an EFT miracle?

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