Overcome Chaotic Behavior With the Help of EFT

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Nanditha Ram reveals how EFT helped a friend overcome her chaotic behavior which had become a serious handicap to her progress in life.


By Nanditha Ram Jack-Canfield-s-Key-to-Living-the-Law-of-Attraction-Canfield-Jack-EB9780757398322

I helped my friend use EFT for her "tendency to generate chaos."

She was distraught that her chaotic way of doing things was affecting her life.

As she told me her experience I penned it down and with her permission (and request to remain anonymous), I am sending you her notes on her healing journey.


I have struggled for years to overcome my tendency to generate chaos - I am famous for losing my keys, misplacing my phone or important papers, and for being quite a chaotic home-maker in general, coupled with a predisposition to procrastinate.

It has taken months of a regular EFT practice to even realize that I could use this technique (and very successfully at that) to eliminate what I considered a serious handicap to my progress in life.

I would often despair at the mess at home, in my cupboard, on my desk or just about any space I inhabited.

I comforted myself by vaguely saying that it must be impressions I picked up as a child, which I did not know how to wipe away. And mind you, home (where I grew up) was always impeccable, so where did I pick up these impressions from?

I did have an idea, but no conclusive evidence. However, after working on myself through EFT on this specific "condition", I came to realize that my chaotic disposition had a deep-rooted emotional component attached to it.

So the first thing I had to do was forgive myself for what I saw as my problem.

My EFT drill thereafter, in trying to help this situation, was all about forgiveness --

Even though I am chaotic...

After days of this, my situation improved and I came to understand that I should not blame myself "for being this way."

So my next round of healing was focused on --

Even though there is utter and complete chaos around me, I do not blame myself...

This revealed something to me - it exposed the emotional aspect of my problem. I had a lot of pent up rage that I had accumulated as a child, from being left to myself too much. And I was managing this by generating chaos all around me, further degrading my sense of self worth. I was caught in the vicious cycle for years and had no idea about it.

Thus began my new EFT drill --

Even though I have all this pent up emotion from childhood...

Even though this makes me chaotic and absent-minded...

Shortly thereafter, I came across this fabulous article by Laurel Cozzuli called, The Human Brain and Law of Attraction: Optimizing Brain Function with EFT. It completely blew my mind away. It took me straight to the heart of my problem. I had to address specific areas in my brain that would help uproot this behavior.

I call it "brain tapping" and find it has amazing implications on changing patterns that we habitually fall into such as "getting stuck" or other self-destructive behavior that we tend to fall prey to - it helped me address the root of my problem.

I do this "brain tapping" drill maybe once or twice a week, or whenever I can. It is incredibly powerful. The first time I did it, I evoked such deep emotions from way back when so I had to stop, rest and heal.

After that I picked it up again with the full knowledge that it might expose more wounds. And it did.

So literally, the healing was painful.

But now I am proud to say that I took a significant impediment in my life and tapped it well away!

As I uncovered layer upon layer of emotional baggage, I realized that I was entering a space of awareness, presence and complete self-acceptance, or should I rephrase that and say this is the closest I have ever come to total acceptance of and complete surrender to the self.

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