EFT Helps Ciguatera Poisoning Patient

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Julie Phillips-Moore PhD tells about working with a patient who had Ciguatera poisoning and a severe allergy to certain chemicals.  The patient is very concerned about the possibility of having to use analgesics or anaesthesia during the upcoming birth of her child. Julie teaches her EFT and she ends up using EFT with the birth without having to use any drugs.

-Stephanie M

By Julie Phillips-Moore PhD

A couple came to me to do the HypnoBirthing programme (self-hypnosis for childbirth).

As the mother-to-be came into my room she hesitated at the door, looked at a lit candle I had on the bookshelf and asked if it was a perfumed one. I replied that it wasn’t and asked her why she had asked that question.

She then told me that she had suffered from ciguatera poisoning and then proceeded to tell me her story.

Ciguatera is poisoning that occurs from eating certain reef fish whose flesh is contaminated by toxins which live in tropical and subtropical waters such as northern Queensland and other parts of northern Australia. She had inadvertently eaten a poisonous fish and at first had suffered from nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea and then these symptoms were followed by severe neurological symptoms which gave her symptoms similar to those of multiple sclerosis - at one stage she was confined to a wheelchair.

She recovered from the poisoning but was left with a severe allergy to certain chemicals - so much so that if she came into contact with one she would go into anaphylactic shock and would have to be taken to hospital.

She was a bit worried about the fact that she might need analgesics or anaesthesia during childbirth, but said that she’d had meetings with the doctor and the anaesthetist and that her fears were allayed somewhat. In fact, she was more worried about household chemicals such as washing detergent, bleach etc. as she’d had a severe reaction to these and never knew when she might walk into someone’s home or into a shopping centre and come into contact with them.

You’ve guessed it - I taught her EFT!

I asked her to name all the chemicals that had resulted in her experiencing a severe reaction in the past (plus those she thought were suspect) and then, under very close control, started with her imagining coming into contact with these chemicals.

We worked through each one until we reached a zero on all of them.

She then informed that she had some household products containing some of these chemicals at home but would not go into the room, especially if they were being used, for quite a while afterwards as she was frightened as to what her reaction might be. As I knew that she was extremely fearful of having a reaction and that she and her husband were very, very careful not to put her in any danger, we decided that they would try an experiment at home.

Firstly, I asked her to go home and stand at the kitchen or laundry door and look at the cupboard where these articles were kept and tap if she felt even the slightest reaction that was above a zero. Next, while she was still standing at the door, her husband was to take one item out of the cupboard and put it, opened, onto the floor in front of the cupboard and, if she had a reaction, she was to tap until she reached a zero.

Then, he was to move the item a very tiny bit closer to her and, again, if she started to feel a reaction she was to tap - if the reaction was more than a 1 or a 2 she was to leave the room and go to a safer distance and tap. He was asked to continue moving this item closer and closer, a very small distance at a time, and she was to tap if necessary.

He did this slowly over two to three weeks with every item until, to her amazement, she was able to come into the room where she could smell the item and not react to it. They planned to continue doing this very carefully with everything they suspected might cause a reaction.

I received an e-mail after the birth of her little girl and was delighted to hear that she was able to use her self-hypnosis and go into a very deep state of relaxation and, as a result, didn’t have to use any drugs.

She was also still doing her tapping every time she came in contact with a chemical she thought might cause a reaction.

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