dale teplitz eftuniverse trainerEFT Success is Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

By Dale Paula Teplitz, EFTUniverse Trainer

Dramatic life changing breakthroughs often occur when EFT’rs ask the right questions.

As an EFT Universe Trainer, I teach my students valuable questions to ask their clients. 

In a recent EFT Level 1 workshop, a student released 25 years of back pain in less than 20 minutes by answering one simple question to help find the emotional cause behind the pain.

The question: “What was going on in your life when the pain began?”

In that workshop Susan and I were paired up to practice techniques for using EFT for physical issues such as pain.  I was the ‘practitioner’ and Susan as the ‘client’.  Before we began our work together I noticed that Susan was sitting tentatively on the very edge of her chair.  

When I invited her to sit back and get comfortable, she explained that she had not been able to sit without low back pain for the past 25 years!  

Though it was not the physical issue she was planning for us to work on, because it seemed so huge, I suggested we jump in and see what we could do.  When we started her pain intensity was a 6-7 out of 10, just as it is during most waking moments of her life.

Susan described that she had been medically evaluated on many occasions, but the doctors were unable to find the cause of the pain, or a successful treatment to relieve it.  She said her son thought it sounded a lot like ‘sciatica’.  When I asked her how old her son is, she said, “twenty-five.”  

Then I asked if her pain began before or after her son was born.  Susan looked puzzled at first and then, as if a light went off, she realized for the first time the possible link between what went on in her life while pregnant with him and her 25 years of pain. 

Then of course I asked her, “What was going on in your life when the pain began?"

She explained that when she was 3 months pregnant she was working in customer service for an airline at the airport.  When faced with picking up a very large suitcase she looked around for a co-worker to help her, but since there was nobody nearby, she lifted the heavy bag herself.  Susan immediately realized that she should not have done that, and the ensuing pain ultimately caused her to lose her job.

While telling the story, she immediately began to feel anger at the airlines.  

Twenty-five years after her claim for compensation for medical care and lost wages was denied, Susan was still filled with rage.  She also felt anger at herself for lifting the suitcase against her better judgment.

Since the intensity of her anger at the airlines, a 10, was more intense than the anger at herself, a 7, we began using the basic EFT recipe to tap about the anger at the airlines.  I used Susan’s exact words as we tapped on the feelings of anger and betrayal, “losing all that pay”, “being unfairly judged”, etc.

It took only 5 minutes to collapse all of her negative feelings about the airlines. 

Then Susan became much more aware of her anger at herself, now an intensity level of 9. Again, using her own words, we tapped about the self blame that Susan was still feeling regarding lifting the suitcase, “I was foolish”, “I brought this on myself”, etc.  It took only a few minutes to reach the point of forgiving herself and feeling peace.  

Once the intensity was gone for the anger at the airlines and at herself, Susan began to notice that her back pain was almost entirely gone. Over the next several hours the pain totally disappeared and has remained gone for the first time in 25 years.

The most frequent question my students and clients ask me is, “What is the right thing to tap on to get the most effective EFT results?” 

Knowing the right questions to ask, like in Susan’s case, is the best advice I can give.  Receiving skilled instruction in the EFT foundational concepts, combined with supervised practical experience is the most powerful way I know to learn those questions and many other valuable tools to becoming highly effective at using EFT.

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0 #2 paulina 2016-10-29 23:49
this was amazing
0 #1 tori 2015-04-29 14:29
Ive been researching eft for a couple of months now. Results have been positive so far. Id like to ask a question about eft for weight loss. I have read the book and watched the video. I don't find myself dealing with cravings, just eating because I can. I haven't experienced any emotional connections to my eating. Im not hungry or bored, just want to because I like it. Im struggling with what questions to ask myself as I am preparing to tap. How do I fill in the blank, "even though I ____________I deeply and completely accept myself"?

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