Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner ExamsEFTU EXAM FAQ PAGE

Thank you for considering becoming an EFTUniverse Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner! Below are some answers to many frequently asked questions about the EFT Practitioner Exams required by EFTUniverse for clinical EFT certification.


Q. How will I know if everything will work for me to take the exam on the day I have set aside to take it?

A. Plan ahead. Test logging into with your EFTU login to see if everything works a day or so before taking the exam.


Q. I can only take the exam on weekends or holidays when I am off from work -- will tech support be available?

A. Tech support is available from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Thursday, PST. The office is also closed on U.S. National Holidays. Most people pass the exams without needing any help from tech support. Most cases of people needing tech support for an exam is that they did not test their login to EFTUniverse ahead of time.


Q. What if my power source goes out, or the exam stops working because of a technical issue and I do not get to finish in the time allotted – will that be counted against one of my 3 tries?

A. No. If there is a one-time technical glitch, you will still have 3 more tries to pass. We do recommend that you make sure you have a secure internet connection before you start any exam and do not take an exam on a tablet device or a phone.


Q. Is the Intermediate Exam an Open Book Exam?

A. Yes. You may have your reading materials in front of you. However, we do recommend that you do the required reading and study from the EFT workshop objectives from the link below before taking the exam:


Q. Is the Ethics Exam an Open Book Exam?

A. Yes. However, please realize if you have not read the two books completely prior to taking the exam – you will probably not pass this exam. We have had several students not pass this exam because they thought they could pass it without reading the material first.


Q. Since both Exams are open book--can I take them with a friend?

A. No, you can not. Taking answers from someone else is very different than knowing the answer or being able to find it for yourself. In fact, if you try to take an exam together, the website security system will block one of you from taking the exam.


Q. I’ve heard that I must use the same e-mail address for all communications with EFT Universe. Does that include taking the online exam?

A. Yes. Your one e-mail address must be on file with us and match your name and login information. If you attempt to use a different e-mail address the system will mark you as an invalid user and you will not be able to take the exam.


Q. Since I have limited time can I take both the Intermediate Exam and the Ethics Exam on the same day?

A. No. We do not recommend that anyone take both exams on the same day. We want to make sure that you prepare and take the exams in such a way that you will understand and retain the information.


Q. The instructions say I can go back and change the answers but only if I haven’t answered the last question can you explain this a little more?

A. Yes. First you will need to have a pencil and paper and write down the number of the question(s) where you are not sure of your answer.  For the Intermediate Exam since there are 70 questions you may want to go back at question # 68 to review or change your answers. For the Ethics Exam with only 40 questions you would probably want to go back at question # 38 to change your answers. However, if you get to the page with the last question there is no going back.


Q. Who do I need to notify if I pass or fail the exam?

A. No one. You will not need to notify anyone because the automated response will send your exam results to yourself and to the Certification Facilitator to be recorded in the main database. This can take from 24 - 48 hours.