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Naomi Janzen, EFT TRN-1-2
Robertson (the Southern Highlands)
New South Wales
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I am one of only three EFT Universe Certified Trainers in the Southern Hemisphere and the only one in New South Wales, Australia.

My personal story is one of radical shifts and I am passionate about my message:

"Become who you are to get what you want"

I treat everyone I work with as a whole and healthy individual with unique gifts to share, temporarily encumbered by their own unique set of emotional, psychological and physical burdens. To me, the process of becoming who you are is about shedding the layers of trauma, large and small, that cover up the perfection of a truer self. It has been my experience that this stripping away of negative conditioning and uncovering of the authentic self has a cascading effect; the return of personal power is followed by the development of a fuller and more satisfying life.

This is a departure from the expectation most people have, which is that they need to first dissolve their issues and then strive to become some distant and potentially unattainable version of themselves.

I believe the removal of our blocking issues unwraps our highest potential automatically.

This has been my experience with clients and, also, personally. After completely clearing my 2 year case of severe situational depression with EFT in 2009, using only The EFT Manual, I found I had not only uncovered a long-buried sense of profound joy but I had also set in motion a whole new way of relating to life. I felt compelled to learn as much about this remarkable tool as possible so that I could help myself and others.

This quest for knowledge led me into formal EFT training and certification through EFT Universe. What started as the simple urge to know more, very quickly developed into a deep passion for not only healing work - but also for teaching others to heal and be healed.

From a very young age, I was drawn to both doing my own inner work and helping others with theirs. I believe that what I learned during two years of talk therapy with Dr. Aline LaPierre, co-author of "Healing Developmental Trauma" in the 1990s is partly responsible for the depth and speed of clearing I was able to achieve when I first discovered EFT and I am dedicated to the ongoing development of myself as a person, a practitioner and a teacher through continuing exploration of compatible modalities and practices.

One of these is mindfulness/meditation. My explorations in this direction continue to inspire new projects, having already led me to develop the Remindfulness App, an iOS app that sends little mindfulness practices, and One Mind Live a weekly worldwide live guided group meditation that begins each session with EFT.

A keen follower of the latest research and findings on the science of tapping and am currently doing work on a film that is being made about the subject.

In addition to writing on that project, I am currently finishing up my first book, outlining the step-by-step program I used to lift myself out of my own depression and into a joyfully purposeful life using EFT.

If you are considering learning about or adding to your existing knowledge of Emotional Freedom Techniques and want the thoroughness and professionalism of EFT Universe training in Clinical EFT you will find my workshops fun, informative - and transforming.

Combining humor and empathy with rigorous standards of practice, I will guide you in discovering the best and most effective use of EFT for you and your unique life circumstances.

To find out more information on my Level 1 and 2 workshops, click here.

A few things people have said about working with me:

"My first tapping session with Naomi came during a long period of grief and pain. Her guidance and support during that session opened me up to the power and relief of this amazing technique, and its ability to see clearly through emotional turmoil. Since that time, I have used tapping (on my own, or with Naomi's amazing guidance) to unblock old anxieties, limiting beliefs and long held fears about my own capabilities to succeed. For me, tapping is a simple technique that gives extraordinary power of clarity, calmness and self reassurance".
- K.S.

"I was amazed during my first tapping session with Naomi. She saw straight to the heart of a problem that I didn't really think could change; it was such a hugely limiting, negative belief I'd been carrying for two decades. As we tapped Naomi led me through a process that dissolved the belief until what had once seemed a heavy, inescapable truth now felt like a hollow, ridiculous statement. I felt a great freedom when that weight lifted from me, and it's been the beginning of a series of many wonderful shifts and changes since."
- E.M.

"The legacy of an impacted fracture of my left shoulder, sustained in a motorcycle accident when I was 22, was pain that troubled me for decades. But the result of a single 20 minute tapping session with Naomi in August 2012 was nothing less than miraculous! Range of movement in the joint was summarily improved by 50% and now the injury rarely causes me pain. There has been no deterioration in the improvement over the following 2 years. An astonishing result that I would never have believed possible had I not experienced it".
- Julian Smith

"Before receiving EFT with Naomi, I was initially skeptical. I had tried EFT with YouTube videos and a guidebook but it was in person with Naomi's skilled and compassionate approach that I could really shift some old stuff! I was single, frustrated, insecure and lacking direction. Through tapping, I was able to dissolve blocks to a fulfilling and abundant business and I have now a Twin Flame relationship which has exceeded all my dreams for requited, supportive prepared for amazing results!"
- Naomi Carling

"Dear Naomi, I am so grateful for your insight, wisdom and gentle care as you guided me through the process during our EFT sessions. After the first session I felt such a wonderful sense of peace and calm. In the follow up sessions, the way your were able to help me access and clear some deep blocks and ingrained negative beliefs around self-worth was incredibly powerful. I now have the confidence to pursue my own writing projects and do the work I love. I really appreciate the tools you have given me to continue the work. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift".
- Chris Phillips

I had a television job that triggered a lot of fear in me, having not worked in the medium for many years. After my EFT session with Naomi, I felt a great sense of ease and confidence return which allowed me to approach the work with all my creative juices flowing. I had a ball and felt right back at home in the environment. No fear! Thank you, Naomi!"
- Anne Looby