Renewing Your EFT Certification as an EFT Universe Certified Practitioner - New 

for 2021 - 2022

EFT Universe EFT Practitioner Certification is renewed every 2 years. The requirements for certified EFT practitioner renewals are designed to bring you up to date with the current standards used in research, training and certification.

There are two options for renewing your certification:

  1. Serve as an Emotional Assistant in a 4 Day Professional Skills workshops: volunteer your time and renew for free! We are seeking those interested in serving as an Emotional Assistant to help students in several 4 Day Professional Skills workshop. Duties include welcoming participants, tapping with any who become emotionally overwhelmed, creating Zoom breakout rooms, monitoring breakout practice sessions, and posting resources in chat, among others. You'll get complete instructions for how to do this. Select this option from the drop-down menu below to learn more and submit your application.
  2. Pay your renewal fee of $400, with included workshop attendance: Select this option from the drop-down below to be taken to the checkout page to pay your renewal fee of $400. This fee includes your choice of the below workshop options, as well as all fees associated with renewing your certification, with the exception of Inside the Expert Toolbox Workshop for which you can deduct your $400 fee, but will be responsible for any balance due.
    1. Attend one Two-Day Practice Intensive
    2. Attend two One-Day Experiential Workshops
    3. Attend one Two-Day Experiential Workshop


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