The 48 Essential Core Clinical EFT Techniquesthe eft clinical manual hardcover

By Dawson Church, PhD

One of the most common misconceptions about Emotional Freedom Techniques is the belief that EFT equals the acupoint tapping routine.

Because EFT involves the very visible phenomenon of tapping with the fingertips on 12 acupressure points, it's easy to suppose that that single act is the main feature of EFT.

Many people even use an incorrect name, "Emotional Freedom Technique" singular, rather than the correct "techniques."

In fact, there are 48 distinct techniques that make up EFT, and the acupoint tapping routine is just one of those. Professionally trained Certified EFT practitioners will use dozens of different techniques, and when a particular technique is not producing results, they switch to another.


The 48 Core Techniques in which Certified Clinical EFT Practitioners are Trained:


Basic Recipe Techniques

1. Describing a Source of Emotional Distress

2. Obtaining a Rating for Subjective Units of Distress (SUD)

3. Identifying Specific Events Linked to the Origin of the Problem

4. Creating a Setup Statement that Combines Exposure and Cognitive Shift

5. Focusing on the Negative First (Resisting the Urge to Caretake the Client using Positives)

6. Key Elements of a Reminder Phrase

7. Correcting for Secondary Gain and Psychological Reversal

8. Tapping 12 Prescribed Acupressure Points

9. Testing the Results

Foundational Techniques

10. The Movie Technique

11. The Tell the Story Technique

12. How To Handle Excessive Emotional Intensity

13. Finding Core Issues

14. Identifying the Writings on Your Walls

15. The Characteristics of Effective Affirmations

16. Identifying Tail Enders

17. Daisy Chaining, and Talking and Tapping

18. The Generalization Effect: Identifying it, and Adjusting the Setup Statement

Techniques Used to Identify Target Issues

19. Identifying Aspects of the Problem

20. Identifying Different Categories of Aspects (Emotional, Physical, Visual, Cognitions)

21. Shifting the Setup Statement as the Client Rapidly Shifts Aspects. Customized Setup Phrasing, and Flowing Setup Statements. (Timeless Principle 3)

The Gentle Techniques

22. The Tearless Trauma Technique

23. Chasing the Pain

24. Sneaking Up on the Problem

Techniques for Special Populations

25. Age-Appropriate Techniques for Using EFT With Children

26. Daily Releasing With Children

27. Borrowing Benefits

28. Working With Groups

29. EFT for Cravings and Addictions

30. Techniques for Multiple Phobias

31. EFT for Physical Symptoms; How the Approach Differs from Psychological Symptoms

32. Techniques To Use When Regular EFT Does Not Produce a Reduction in SUD

Professional Practice Techniques

33. Reframing (Timeless Principle 4)

34. Preframing

35. Techniques for Maintaining Client-Centered Focus

36. Identifying Tables and Legs

37. Techniques for Working on Your Own Issues

38. Maintaining Focus on Self-rating versus Observer-rating

39. Techniques for Becoming Extremely Specific

40. Additional Testing Methods. In Vivo Testing, Confrontive Questions

40. The Personal Peace Procedure

42. Cognitive shifts and how to identify them, and the role of insight in EFT

43. Techniques to Apply When Self-Acceptance Is the Problem

44. Telephone and Skype Delivery of EFT

Optional Physical Techniques

45. Additional Optional Tapping Points

46. Collarbone Breathing Exercise

47. The 9 Gamut Procedure, and When to Use It

48. The Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll


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