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The Power of Surrender
The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender: Let Go and Energize Your Relationships, Success, and Well-Being By Judith Orloff M.D. Are you longing for your life to be easier and more fun? Would you like to stop pushing, micromanaging, and forcing things so you can relax? What if you could enjoy what you have instead o [ ... ]

EFT Workshop Testimonials - Dawson Church, PhD presenting

What Participants Say About EFT Workshops

"An excellent workshop in all aspects, it was well-organized and well-presented. I am excited to start practicing EFT on myself and those around me. I would highly recommend these EFT Universe workshops!" - Geoff Jack Bannister


"This experience was so helpful in learning to help my patients more effectively. The curriculum and supporting material was efficiently presented. Now that I have experienced the excellence of these EFTUniverse classes, I will definitely be seeking certification." - Brigitte L. du Montpellier, MD


"I have a completely new appreciation of EFT after taking the workshop. It brought me to a whole new level of my learning process. I am going home with some amazing tools to use with myself and my psychotherapy clients. An incredible experience. Thank you!" - Sylvia Bhaer, LPC


"These well-designed trainings with expert EFT instructors are as good as it gets!" - Allie McKinnon, PhD


"It's deeply gratifying to see how much I've been able to help people while doing the 50 sessions required for EFTUniverse certification." - Bill Wolf


"I have been doing EFT for eight years, and teaching classes of my own, yet the EFTUniverse Level 1 and 2 workshops took me to a whole new level of insight into the potential of this healing tool." - Cammy O'Donnel, ThD


"The workshops were an enriching experience for me, and will be of great benefit to my future clients. I initially signed up just for Level 1, but decided it was MUST to continue to Level 2. They were both excellent." - Safiya Omosanya


"It's so fantastic! I want to tap the world! After the workshop, I want to share these amazing tools with everyone." - Andrea Blitte


"Being new to EFT, I found the workshop informative and definitely valuable to my personal development. I came with what I thought were very complicated questions. I found they were all answered. I look forward to continuing my journey with EFT through these excellent trainings." - Trey Johnson


"EFT has opened many doors, and allowed me to do things I had not done in years. Thank you EFTUniverse for making this fantastic resource available to so many people through your trainings." - Wendy Martin


"The workshops were taught so well that, even though they were brief, I now feel I have enough ability to be able to introduce EFT into the clinical setting with confidence. I've become certified in many other modalities, such as the Sedona Method, EMDR, and Gestalt, and I can truthfully say that the EFT Universe workshops represented the best of the best in terms of their content, structure, and presentation." - Angie Garner, PhD


"The training was excellent, and I came away with a hands-on feel for the basic concepts like aspects, the generalization effect, finding core beliefs, and the importance of finding specific events to tap on." - Jon Jenison, MFT



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To see the latest EFT workshop dates and information, please feel free to visit the Transform Your Life With an EFT Tapping Workshop page here on EFTUniverse.com.



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Love and Relationships
Open yourself to the relationship you’ve always wanted

Featured Practitioners

Marilyn McWilliams EFT practitioner.jpg
I am committed to making EFT available to those who wish to learn. My volunteer work includes: The Veterans Stress Project (assisting Vets w/ PTSD), Teaching introductory EFT classes, Session work on a pro-bono basis, Hosting free ‘Borrowing Benefits’ gatherings, Supporting the formation of...

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Weight Loss
Transform your body with an ease you never dreamed possible

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Santa Rosa Fire: Your Losses as Opportunities to Reinve...
Santa Rosa Fire: Your Losses as Opportunities to Reinvent Yourself

Santa Rosa Fire: Your Losses as Opportunities to Reinvent Yourself One of the very strange aspects to disasters is the quest to restore survivors to the state they were in before the tragedy. Before the Tubbs Lane fire, my wife, Christine, and I had a lovely house on a big piece of land. My favori [ ... ]

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Financial Success
Discover how to unblock the flow of abundance into your life

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