EFT for Sciatica and an Old Thumb Injury

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Javier Gomez from Mexico used EFT to help a client's sciatica, which disappeared after 2 sessions. He then used EFT to restore mobility to his client's thumb, which had been cut with a saw 6 years before. Within one EFT session, complete mobility returned.

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By Javier Gomez

I recently helped Lam who works in a tow truck that is always stalling. He had been having problems with sciatica for the past 8 months. Once he started working with his problem, it was gone after the second EFT session. When I asked him if he had any other problem, he said he didn't, except for the immobility of his left thumb. Some six years ago, he had cut it with a saw and it had healed but with very little mobility. We started to treat it with:

Although I have no mobility in my left thumb, I profoundly love and accept myself.

On a scale of 0 to 10, the healthy thumb was at a 10 in its mobility, meaning with a lot of mobility. But the thumb that had suffered the cut was at a 2 (here we were looking to increase the number, contrary to what we usually do). After two rounds of:

Although I think my thumb has no remedy, I love and accept myself completely and profoundly.

it had increased its mobility and had gone up to a 4. Then we moved on to fear:

Although I was afraid of being handicapped and not being able to use my thumb, I love and accept myself profoundly and completely.

We did 5 or 6 rounds with that phrase and with each round, the mobility of his thumb increased: from 4 to 6 (more mobility), from 6 to 8, from 8 to 9.

I was amazed to see his wounded thumb looking almost as good as the healthy one. We went on to: I will get rid of the rest (two rounds) and finished with I choose to be totally healthy and have the same mobility on both hands.

When we were through, both thumbs were the same; that is to say, total mobility. This is the moment I enjoy most: realizing that you are a tool capable of bringing health to others. Not only was the sciatica removed, but also an affliction that had been all but forgotten.

Remember: Use EFT on everything.

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