EFT Helps Heal Nagging Foot Sore

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Kelly End reveals how EFT can be an aide in the progress of physical healing, as it occurred with her son Josh's oozing foot sore and to the amazement of his foot specialist.


By Kelly End

Our son Josh, who is now 29-years-old, was born with spina bifida, which means that he was born with an "open spine" where the nerves in the spinal column grow outside of it leaving him paraplegic and thus unable to feel or use his legs. His inability to use his legs has contributed to obesity, and to the stubborn reluctance of his various sores, primarily on feet and legs, to heal.

One such sore threatened the foot itself.

He'd had it for over 6 months and it was so bad that he'd finally been sent to the wound specialist who hoped to send for a special machine to (brace yourself for the yucky part...) suck the gunk out of the sore as a last resort to save the foot; but the foot was not well enough even to use the machine.

It seemed profoundly dire.

My greatest concern at this point, as I'd lost hope for the foot, was Josh's mental state. He had grown very frustrated and hopeless, depressed and unusually negative. He had a nurse at his home daily to wrap and clean the wound and was back and forth from doctor to doctor with only worsening reports to show for his efforts.

I had been learning EFT and had told Josh a little about it. He was polite but not too interested, as over the years others - including myself - had offered "new" things that only added to his disappointment and despondency.

Out of his normal kindness, however,- Josh is an amazingly courageous and kind guy - he had agreed to hear me out but kept sincerely not feeling up to it.

Finally, on a Thursday afternoon, we met for lunch at our favorite Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) place. They all know us there and love Josh, so when we started tapping on ourselves, the owner and kitchen crew asked us what we were doing.

I explained I was teaching him a method to help with freedom from negative emotion, and they said, "Wow, we need to learn that too", which eased Josh's reluctance and we continued.

At this time, I only wanted to help with his terrible frustration, so we used the Setups:

Even though I'm so frustrated about my foot...

Even though I am so sick and tired of taking care of this disgusting wound...

Even though I'm so afraid I'm going to lose my foot...

We tapped just one round of each on the head and torso points only. This is how I taught him EFT, right there in the restaurant. He lost interest even before we completed these three rounds. So we stopped and ate our lunch.

That, again, was a Thursday at about 3pm. Saturday morning the wound care specialist came to his home to tend to his oozing, open-to-the-bone, hopeless wound. And she was incredulous!

The wound had healed so much in those, 30-some hours since the tapping that the wound was in too good a shape to consider sending for the machine they had hoped to get for him. They remarked that they had never seen anything like it.

The only thing he had done differently at all was the EFT with me. And we didn't address the condition of the wound itself, just simply his frustration with his foot. I have read about clinical studies where blood samples were taken before and after EFT, which show that tapping facilitates the unclumping of red blood cells, which occurs with stress and/or injury- thus aiding oxidation.

Did his foot, on these legs which are sat upon all day long by a very stout guy, receive an infusion of oxygen thus aiding in a quick healing? Did directing the thought (the frustration) toward the wound direct the oxidation? Who knows?

Josh still has his foot, long since better now.

Was it a miracle, or was it EFT? 

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