MD Uses EFT for Arthritis

Dear Readers,

Here, Dr. Daniel Benor illustrates the emotional underpinnings in a case of arthritis in the hands.

Stephanie M 

By Daniel J. Benor, MD

A woman suffered for several years from arthritis of the hands, and had come for over a year for spiritual healing in England, with modest symptomatic relief but no lasting cure. I was observing healers at work and happened to be there for one of her sessions.

She sat with her fists clenched as she updated the healer on her progress since the previous session. I interrupted to ask, "What do you think your hands might be saying?" She raised her hands, opening them and looking at her palms, and said, "I don't know what you mean!" I shrugged, and continued to observe. Within minutes, her fists were again clenched, and I repeated my question, with the same response. The third time her hands clenched and I asked the question, she asked (in a very angry tone of voice!) "Are you saying I'm angry?"All three of us burst out laughing, as her tone of voice was so obviously angry. This simple intervention opened the doors to her exploring and releasing many pent-up angers, over a period of several months, during her healing sessions. A year later, she was free of arthritis, and felt that the releases of anger had been crucial to her improvements. 

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