Range of Motion in Arm Returned to Normal after Nearly 50 Years of Limitation




Dear EFT Community,

Dawson Church gives many EFT lectures and demonstrations. He describes this impressive onstage result and says, "Half a century of muscle memory had been released by two minutes of EFT!"

-Will M.

by Dawson Church

I was giving the keynote speech at a conference recently in front of about 200 people, and we had some time afterward to do demonstrations. Several of the participants raised their hands as having musculoskeletal problems, so I worked with five of them on stage as a group.

One of them was a 67 year old nurse, and her problem was limited range of motion (ROM) in one arm. She could place her left arm behind her back without any problem at all, but did not have the same ROM in her right arm. I used an instrument called a goniometer to measure the exact ROM in both arms.

The two segments of her unrestricted left arm could pivot to an angle of 66 degrees, while the best she could do with her impaired right arm was 80 degrees. She expressed great frustration at this limitation, which she's had since early adulthood. I was taken aback by how vehemently she expressed her frustration. My mind, always skeptical, asked how EFT could possibly reverse a half century of a mechanical limitation between her humerus, and radius and ulna bones. My right brain is always happy to tell me how impossible rapid healing is.

I asked where in her body she felt the emotional charge, and she said that it was located in her solar plexus. I asked her a question I find very useful in EFT, "What's the earliest memory you have of feeling that exact sensation in that exact location in your body?"

She unhesitatingly said that it was when she'd been given detention in elementary school, despite the fact that she had done nothing wrong. She had been very angry. She said her SUD intensity in her solar plexus was 8 out of 10 in intensity. We tapped on phrases like, "Even though my teacher unfairly gave me that detention..."

I also asked her what her teacher's name was, since the more specific aspects of the experience you can tap on, the better, "Even though Miss Smith gave me the detention...." I asked her about other memories, like the faces of the children in her classroom, till her intensity level went down to zero on every aspect of the memory, and the feeling in her solar plexus.

I then had her turn her back to the audience and we measured her ROM again. It was now 68 degrees, and the difference in mobility between her two arms was indistinguishable. Half a century of muscle memory had been released by two minutes of EFT! When you learn EFT, you learn to tap on the physical item as well as on the emotional aspects, and in private I will do both. However, when I demonstrate EFT to medical professionals, I usually work only on the emotional issues, just to make the point that emotional distress contributes to virtually every physical ailment.

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