Success with EFT for CFIDS

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In this article, you will learn about EFT techniques a long-time sufferer of Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) uses to get results from EFT that dramatically improve her quality of life.

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By Salome Hancock

I have had chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome for 12 years, and it is a most confounding and disabling disease.

I came across EFT well over a year ago; I don't remember how—must have been online. I read EFT newsletters. I bought teaching CDs and made my way through them.  I took a Level I EFT weekend training course. I worked a couple of times with an EFT practitioner and went a number of times to an EFT healing circle. Now, I work with EFT just about every day on myself and others.

At first I used it on specific physical symptoms and experienced relief and help, which greatly encouraged me to continue. The more I worked with EFT, the deeper I found I could take it. I absorbed tons of information from the DVDs, talking to others at the workshop, from books I read and information I got online, and from the newsletters. 

I have been absolutely amazed how much EFT helps with the many CFIDS symptoms that continuously arise.  I could list a page full of physical symptoms that I cycle through. Time and again, EFT diminishes/neutralizes my symptoms  - those of nausea, pain, foggy brain, aches, crash from over-exertion, reaction to being out in sun and wind, skin reactions, plus many more.

CFIDS is a complex and deep-seated condition – it is hard to quickly budge this massive problem that has settled in and taken over every aspect and level of my being (physical, mental, psychological, spiritual). At my worst, I stayed in bed and couldn't tolerate light or activity—I just barely accomplished the most basic maintenance. Going out, seeing people, and being involved in activities were all impossible when I was at my worst.

As I used EFT, experienced its benefits, and gained confidence in it, I started taking it deeper. I now work with visualization and metaphor, which seem to get me closer to roots/source of my illness. 

Some examples of these visualizations/metaphors:

When I work with EFT I picture obstacles being removed and energy flowing freely around my system. I 'see' it moving around. I 'send' it to damaged areas and ask it to do repair work. I send the healing forces on search missions to find broken parts- from the distant past and from the present, and I give the energies time to bring in whatever is needed for that site.  I express confidence that all problems found are being worked on.

I 'installed' an optimum wellness computer program into the foundation of my being, and now I bring whatever is needed on a particular day to 'reboot' and make any corrections and connections necessary to help me improve function and well being for that day.

I went back with all forces I could summon to painful things that have happened to me- sources of grief, rage, and unfairness. Then I concentrated my energies on repairing these negative feelings, on bringing all parts of my being into alignment to support my progress back to health.

I revisited times and events that caused me to give up in despair and brought healing energy to whatever it was. I brought love, compassion, and forgiveness for myself in not being able to cope, and the same to others who injured me.

I am not cured, but friends are noticing my increased ability to function, more sustained energy, and more discipline in my approach to my goals.  I notice for myself stretches of much improved function - my brain is simply working better. I’ve turned around the atrophy I previously experienced creeping over me. I am exercising now, when in the past years I had concluded with absolute conviction that exercise was out of the question for me ever again. I opened myself up to the possibility of it with perseverance and the help of EFT. I am gaining strength now - I can see and feel it. I am pursuing painting as never before. I am in exciting process of discovery now and feel hope that I CAN GET BETTER, and WILL KEEP GETTING BETTER - and I am now fully open to these possibilities!

Thank you so much for including this topic in the universe of EFT.

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