Type 2 Diabetic taps 3x per day and his doctor reduces prescribed insulin by 75%

Dear EFT Community,

Stress, both physical and mental, can send a diabetic's blood sugar out of control. David Abel shares his experience teaching a diabetic EFT and the profound changes that happened as a result.


By David Abel

Recently I was demonstrating EFT to a group in Clearwater, Florida.  In the middle of the meeting, one of the ladies got her cell phone and called her husband at home and said, "You gotta get down here and see this!"

This charming lady was a nurse in a local hospital.  She had witnessed four people respond to EFT and felt this would help her husband.

Fifteen minutes later John walks in.  He’s 71-years-young, stocky with a great personality bursting from every pore in his body.  John has been a Type 2, insulin dependant diabetic most of his life.  He also experiences pain in his joints (arthritis).

He sat opposite me, our knees almost touching.  Following a brief introduction to EFT he was taught the tapping sequence. 

The setup we did was not complicated:

Even though I am a diabetic…

We did one round of EFT, including the 9 gamut.  My suggestion was that he return home and take a blood sugar reading, then enjoy a round of EFT and take a 2nd blood sugar reading and monitor the results.  This was an agreed action plan.

He asked if EFT would work for arthritis so we tried. 

Even though I have pain in my knuckles, knees and legs...

We hadn’t even reached the collarbone point and he commented he felt different.  "It is no longer the same pain."

Even though I have this remaining discomfort...

By the end of two rounds he was pain and discomfort free.  His face was transformed - you could visibly see there was no experience of pain.

More than a week later he sent me the email update (below).  John is using EFT for anything and everything.   His insulin dosage has considerably reduced.  His arthritic pain is under control.

John's email is below.  Thanks to the simplicity of EFT John's life has been changed.


I wanted to let you know my progress in my first week of using the EFT technique you taught me to help manage my diabetes.  The first time I did it I dropped (my blood sugar levels) 8 points.  The next day, 12 and the next, 16.  An example would be I checked my sugar and it was 123.  I used EFT, waited 10 minutes, checked it again and it was 97.

Also I take 22 units of insulin in the morning and 18 units at night.  After a few days I only had to take 12 units in 24 hours.  After that I had 2 days where I took no insulin.  I have also not been eating something sweet at night.

Also a couple days after practicing EFT I used it on my headache and my headache was gone after 2 cycles of EFT.

One more thing -  I woke up today in so much pain I could hardly move (from my arthritis)  I used EFT again and the pain went away and stayed away all day.  It was amazing.  What a miracle to be pain free all day.

Thank you for teaching me this miracle technique I will keep you updated on my progress

Thank you, Thank you Thank you.  John F

Another Update


Here is my latest update on using EFT for my diabetes.  I went to my doctor yesterday and he looked at my last week’s blood sugar levels.  I did them 4 times a day for the last week.  After looking at them he made the decision to take me off the oral sugar pill I take at night (Actos), and to have me take insulin only one time a day at breakfast.

Also he has lowered the amount of insulin I take to 10 units.  I used to take 22 units in the morning and 18 units in the evening so as you can see he has cut my daily insulin by 30 units.  He also said I do not need to check my sugars unless I feel like something is different and to start checking them a week before my next appointment the beginning of January.  Will keep you updated.  What a nice present for the Holidays no poking myself to check my sugars and only having to inject myself once a day with such a low dose of Insulin.  Thank You again for teaching me this amazing technique. John F

Another Update

I have a rather interesting update to "John, the Diabetic."  John had been tapping 3 times a day.  His blood sugar readings reduced accordingly and he ceased taking insulin - but continued taking his evening Actos pill.  A few days after ceasing his insulin shots his wife noticed he was lethargic and not very responsive.

She called 911 and he was taken to hospital.

The doctor informed them that the Actos tablet was providing too much sugar for his body.  His medication was changed. No more Actos tablets and only 10 units (instead of 40 units) of insulin every morning - a 75% reduction of insulin in 3 weeks. No more twice daily insulin injections.

EFT has helped reduce his insulin dosage from 40 units to 10 units every day.

John and his wife have become great supporters of EFT.  They are introducing their friends to my workshops.  I hope this encourages all EFT Practitioners to share EFT with diabetics.

Further Follow-up

John's Diabetes continues to show improvement.  In almost three months' of tapping his insulin intake continues to be 70% less than before Christmas. John's kidney function had been adversely affected through diabetes. He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease. His kidneys were barely functioning according to an Internal Medicine Resident. He was borderline for dialysis. 

She calculated his new numbers from those of 3 months prior and said his kidneys are now functioning at 60%. John's Doctor said his kidneys are now functioning normal for him.  His Doctor also said,  "I could not be happier with your results. Everything from your kidney function, the control of your diabetes, weight loss and blood pressure."



0 #2 babak 2014-03-25 11:10
hi i want to ask you for treatment of diabetes or hypertention the points for tapping are similar or not?thanks
0 #1 Nadia 2013-12-15 03:51
My mom has exactly the same problems like John.She is another country i want to surrogate tapping for her but i dont know what to say for diabetes.can some one please give me a script for that i,ll so very grateful.I also am a bit worried that when her diabetes is controlled she may be still taking more insulin than required which means she will be checking it everyday?As her doctor is quite far away
Blessings to all.

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