Why EFT Tapping is Energy HygieneIntroduction to Incarnational Spirituality book

By Dawson Church, PhD

In his book, An Introduction to Incarnational Spirituality, philosopher and 'practical mystic' David Spangler cites the three components of energy hygiene as flow, positivity, and connectedness.

He explains:

"Each of us like a pool of energy.  As long as energy is flowing in and out in a healthy way, this pool is live, clear and clean; when this flow is obstructed by a build up of "psychic lint," then the pool can begin to stagnate.

Restoring and maintaining a healthy flow of energy is important.  A good walk, physical activity, learning something new, doing something kind for someone else are all simple ways of restoring flow; there are also techniques for restoring this flow on a subtle energy level.

Being positive is more than just practicing positive thinking, though that can be helpful.  Positivity is a condition of being radiant, open, giving, confident, and strong.  It is an energy state as much as a psychological one.

There are many ways of developing and maintaining this state, but they are all enhanced by valuing and honoring yourself and standing in your uniqueness and sovereignty.

Connectedness opens us to a larger world beyond ourselves and enables us to participate in a greater wholeness.  A pool stagnates when it is unconnected to living streams of water and ultimately to ocean on one hand , and the wellsprings deep within the earth on the other.  So too we need to be connected to the vitality and life, the spirit and the well-being of the world around us.

We create good energy conditions for ourselves not by isolating ourselves behind shields and barriers but by creating good energy in the world around us. Compassionately and lovingly participating in the life of our world and contributing to the well-being of all life is a vital pert of energy hygiene."

With EFT and other energy methods we can bring harmony to the energetic patterns of energetic imbalance that Western medicine calls fibromyalgia.  This approach asks us to work with the deepest level of identity.  

Not everyone is ready for this, but it is a truly worthy road to walk.

EFT for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue



Excerpt from the book, EFT for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
Fibromyaligia as a Spiritual Energy Imbalance
Pages 116-118



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