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After you have created your EFTUniverse Login Account, you will receive a confirmation email. The webmaster still needs to review and approve your EFTU account creation and this can take up to 24-48 hours.

If you are not receiving the EFTUniverse Account creation confirmation email, please make sure to:
A. Look inside any spam/promotions/social/junk folders in your email account, or use your email inbox search function to search for EFTUniverse.

B. Verify that EFTUniverse.com is on any safe sender's list.

C. Wait at least an hour, as the email might be delayed since they pass through several servers to get to you.

D. Look in the correct email account tied to your EFTUniverse.com account.

If you have chosen to "Unsubscribe From All" EFTUniverse emails with your email address associated with your login, you will not receive your confirmation email.


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