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Dear EFT Community,

Betty Saunders brings to light how there can be underlying issues that can be the cause of depression and how EFT tapping helps to explore the reasons behind the feelings of depression.

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By Betty Saunders

A woman contacted me asking for help because she had visited a new doctor and within 10 minutes he had diagnosed her with depression and put her on a course of tablets to be taken for 6 months. She wasn't happy with this and asked if she could try EFT - the procedure I had been doing with her friend.

The whites of her eyes were all fawn and cloudy and she was in a bad state. She hadn't taken the tablets because she wanted to try EFT first. I worked with her for nearly one hour during which time we discovered that she had felt guilty all her life because she had given birth to a hemophilia son and every time he had a bleed she had this re-occurring depression and guilt.

It is commonplace with EFT for key issues to surface after doing some diligent tapping.

It's as though the way is cleared for the deeper issues to bubble up to the top. Together with some artistic detective work, this feature often provides relief where none was available before. I wasn't present at this session, of course, but I thought I would suggest some phraseology that might be useful in future cases of this nature.

• "Even though I feel responsible for my son's bleeding..."

• "Even though I bleed inside when my son bleeds outside..."

• "Even though I think I am defective..."

• "Even though I focus on what's wrong here and take no credit for giving my son life..."

• "Even though I'm not seeing this as a learning opportunity..."

• "Even though I'm seeing this as a garage full of guilt instead of a launching pad for love..."

• "Even though this guilt is nothing more than a replay of the guilt trips my mother/father/brother/teacher, etc. laid on me..."

• "Even though I love to feel sorry for myself and don't know why..."

After a few rounds of EFT she started smiling.  When the SUDS [0-10 intensity] level reached zero her eyes were clear and shiny. Truly dramatic results especially when you realize that her son is now in the hospital in great pain with a knee replacement and there is no sign of depression or guilt.


0 #1 sarah 2013-11-13 02:04
This is wonderful. The statements are very gentle and perceptive. Keep up the good work.

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