Identifying and Releasing Your Hidden Barriers to HappinessUse Your Body to Heal Your Mind

By Henry Grayson, PhD

A few years ago I opened a training seminar in Boston asking people: “How many of you want to have a fully healthy and happy life?”

Every hand went up.

I then said, “I would like to do muscle testing on everyone who would like to participate to see if your inner knowingness agrees. I would like to see if your arm becomes strong or weak on the statements: ‘I deserve a fully healthy and happy life’, vs. ‘I don’t deserve to have a fully healthy and happy life,’ and ‘It’s safe to have a fully healthy and happy life’ vs. ‘it’s not safe to have a fully healthy and happy life’.”

I expected that maybe a third of the people would have at least one of the two barriers to health and happiness. Everyone agreed to participate and the outcome was startling!

80% of the people’s arms became strong on both the statements: “I don’t deserve.....and it’s not safe to have a fully healthy and happy life."

The other 20% tested strong on one or the other.

This means that 100% of the people had one of the barriers and 80% had both!

I repeated this survey in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Austin, TX, and Raleigh getting the same response each place. I concluded that this must not be pathology, but the human condition—at least in the US. And these are only two of many barriers we carry. When I then asked the people if they did have fully healthy and happy lives, only occasionally did a single hand go up, which is the true confirmation of the muscle testing surveys.

Another confirmation is the realization that most people do not do what they know to do to be fully healthy and happy.

We do not get enough sleep, exercise, healthy foods and nutrients, and do not reduce our stress. In fact, of all the people who go and learn how to practice meditation to help reduce stress, only about 5% continue to practice it, even though we know that more than 80% of our physical symptoms are stress related.

The big questions are:

“What are our barriers to full health and happiness?”

“What are the actual sources of our stress—are they external or internal?” and

"What can be done about them?”

Certainly, there are events and situations that we find stressful. But even more important is what we think about the happenings. But then, our thoughts, perceptions and interpretations of these stressful situations are the most important piece. And these are not usually rational, but are programmed in experiences from earlier in our life –and even before this life.

Our stress and our barriers to health and happiness come from:

1. Uncleared traumas.
The can be traumas from our adult life, childhood developmental traumas and repetitive painful experiences, unremembered traumas (pre-school, first year of life, birth traumas, intrauterine traumas, past life traumas).

2. Negative conclusions from these traumas which gel into negative core beliefs.
These can be limiting or diminishing beliefs about ourselves, about others, about life; limitiing beliefs about what we can or cannot do, what our worth or value is, what is possible for healing, and what we can expect from the world and other people. They also might be family or tribal beliefs about who gets sick, how we get sick, and how we do or don’t heal.

3. Downloads from our parents.
We literally “download” parents ways of functioning, how they deal with stresses, challenges, each other and life. *genetic memories—information encoded in our DNA whether from 2 or 200 generations ago.

4. The incessant chatter in our minds which often rehearses our negative beliefs and cause us stress.

The major problem is that most of our barriers are unconscious, since about 95% of all our behaviors are unconscious. Are we doomed, or is there something we can do about this problem of suffering physically, emotionally and relationally?

Can we either bring these barriers into consciousness, or can we do the equivalent of a wireless web search and direct our minds to go the place this information is encoded, even if it is pre-memory time?

Since these traumas, beliefs, downloads, and genetic memories are just encodings of information in the energy in our bodies and the energy fields, we can use energy psychology methods such as EFT, TFT, and a powerful adaptation of the EFT which I have made, called the EFT(A) for releasing our multiple barriers.

In my book, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness, I outline and go into detail as to how we can use muscle testing and several other methods for identifying the causes behind our illnesses and I give descriptions of how we can use these energy psychology methods for clearing out each of our barriers.

I also give numerous examples of how I have done self healing which doctors said were not possible without surgery.

And finally, I give examples of healing rituals we can use once our barriers are cleared, so that we can heal and sustain our health and happiness more fully.


0 #2 cajeta 2014-03-27 17:12
I have read a few of his books and really enjoyed them! It can feel overwhelming to face all of this stuff...all the old traumas, trying to shift perspectives when negativity is raining down on you...but it is doable!
0 #1 C.Diane Brown 2014-03-26 21:50
I enjoy reading the articles and also like what EFT has done for me and others who believe in it. I would love to learn more to be certified IF i can ever afford it. I am presently a Reiki Master, and EFT would enhance the healing process by using both...

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