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EFT has been effective in reducing eating disorders, as the benefits can produce both temporary and long-term successes.

The calming process of tapping can curb the immediate desire to follow through with the disordered behavior, which is helpful, but temporary.

The long-term successes come with repeated and directed sessions of EFT, peeling away at and removing the underlying anger, fear, guilt, trauma, or anxiety that may cause the disorder. EFT is impressive in reducing and collapsing the underlying issues, and when applied correctly, can curb the desire to enact the disorder.

You can find many instances of this in the article case histories linked below.

We recommend that you fully immerse yourself in EFT. You can do this by enrolling in an in-person Clinical EFT Workshop, or by contacting and connecting with a Certified EFT Practitioner.

You can also find other helpful EFT resources at the EFTUniverse library, and in the FREE EFT Mini-Manual we offer on this site.



14 Eating Disorder EFT Tapping Case Histories


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