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EFT Clears Negative Beliefs about Math and Raises Math Ability

Dear EFT Readers,

Here, an EFT practitioner shares how she helped a teenager overcome her negative beliefs about her ability to do well in math. After two sessions, Supriya was finding math class easy and fun. 

-Stephanie M

By Susitha

Supriya (name changed), 16,  was an extremely hard worker in school, but yet her performance in math was very poor.

When I met Supriya, the thing that struck me was the sadness on her face. Supriya told me she was good in all subjects except math. I asked her what her favorite subject was and she said chemistry. I asked about her feelings for math. She said her low marks make her sad and she "knows" she will never be good at math.

I asked about the career she wanted to pursue and she said she wanted to be an artist. I explained the importance of doing well in math and being good at it, even though it might seem irrelevant when her interest was art.

We did a few rounds of tapping for the sadness:

  • Even though I am sad, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I am not good at math, I choose to believe that I can change that; If I can be good at chemistry, I can be good at math.
  • Even though I know I will never be good at math, I choose to be open to the possibility that I can be great at math.

I asked her when the math sadness started and she told me in the sixth standard. I asked if there was any incident related to math that hurt her. She told me that in the sixth standard test she scored 3 out of 10 and the teacher said "Supriya, you have failed with 3 out of 10 and you will never be good at math." I was really shocked at that insensitive statement and the damage caused to this child. The various things that we tapped on for this particular issue included:

  • Even though the teacher said I will never be good at math, I choose to let that go, I choose to believe in myself, and I completely forgive the teacher.
  • Even though I believed the teacher all these years, I choose to believe in myself now. I forgive myself for believing the teacher and I love and accept myself.
  • Even though everyone was looking at me when the teacher said these words, I choose to let it go. I love and accept myself completely.

There was a lot of sadness attached to this incident and we cleared it completely.

We tapped with some positive statements: "I choose to like math now" and "I am good at math now."

We did two sessions and Supriya gave me the feedback that she is now able to do all the sums in class. I asked her what she thinks of math now and she said, "If we understand it, it is very easy." She is finding math easy and fun now. I asked her to tap on the positive statements every time she was working with math.

She called me yesterday (a week after our last session). She is making good progress and is finding math easy. She is optimistic about topping her class in the exams! 

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