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Using EFT for Peak Performance in the Five Primary Life Areas:

Work, Love, Health, Money & Spirituality

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Q: In the past few years, there's been a lot of buzz about a new personal growth method called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. What exactly is EFT?

A: EFT is a stress reduction method that combines elements of effective psychotherapies like cognitive therapy and affirmations with acupressure...

Q: You've written the latest edition of the definitive guide to EFT, The EFT Manual. How did you learn about EFT, and what was your path between that point and writing the manual?

A: I've been into personal transformation my whole life. For decades, I had a very clear vision of where I'd be at this stage of my life. I would be semi-retired, living in seclusion, meditating and gardening! But when I got serious about meditation in my mid 40s, my whole life began to change...

Q: Is there scientific proof that EFT works?

A: Over 100 papers on EFT have been published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals. You can see a complete bibliography at Research.EFTuniverse.com. Many of these are outcome studies, showing how symptoms like pain and anxiety change after people learn EFT. Others are randomized controlled trials. They show that...

Q: I see that the research shows people using EFT for a wide variety of problems. They range from public speaking anxiety, to sports performance, to pain, to migraine headaches, to PTSD. How can a single method be so effective for so many different issues?

A: What's common to them all is stress. At a live training, I worked on a man in pain. I tell the story on page 82 of The EFT Manual, and it's also in the free Mini-Manual that I'll tell you how to download at the end of this program. He hobbled in on crutches, the result of a broken leg 2 weeks earlier. 

Q: I'm amazed at the sheer number of stories people have written for your web site, EFT Universe. There are over 5,000 case histories written by people who have had success with EFT. What are the most common ways people use EFT?

A: We organize the information on EFT Universe into 5 life areas. They are: Work, Love Relationships, Money, Heath and Weight, and Spirituality. In our live workshops, we actually guide people into scoring these 5 life areas, and we invariably find that they are weak on some and strong on others. For instance...

Q: Let's take those one at a time. How do people use EFT for weight loss?

A: Several studies have found that not only do people lose weight with EFT, but they don't gain it back afterwards. That's because EFT addresses emotional eating. In The EFT Manual on page 132 I share the story of Lottie, who had an addiction to cinnamon rolls. Grandmother Carla...

Q: How about using EFT at work?

A: According to a 2013 Gallup poll, 70% of people are "not engaged" in their workplace, or "actively disengaged." EFT helps overcome the obstacles to finding meaningful work and to working joyfully. On page 135 of The EFT Manual, one of our practitioners tells the story of Tom, who...

Q: Can EFT really help you make more money?

A: I come from a family of people who are financially illiterate. Just like not being able to read a book, they can't read a financial statement. Growing up, even balancing my checkbook brought up lots of emotion, and I spent the ten years after college living hand to mouth. Even in my 40s, I knew I should be saving for retirement, and I took courses on investing. But year after year went by and I did nothing. Each January in my new year's resolutions I would say...

In The EFT Manual I tell a couple of typical stories. One therapist tells her how EFT helped her make an additional $70,000 over the course of 3 years. A day trader recounts how he was able to make over 100% return on his investements each year after he learned to tap away his stress level. 

Q: How can you use EFT in a love or family relationship?

A: Adult love relationships tend to be re-enactments of childhood relationships. I teach an online relationship course called Tapping Deep Intimacy. It's a 12 week course, and I do group coaching with members. Joanne, a participant in the course, talked about how her anger had destroyed her 2 marriages and alienated her daughter. She knew she was repeating the anger her father had shown to her. She was able to tap it away, and said she'd made more progress during the 18 months since she learned EFT than she had in 35 years of psychotherapy. That's the power of these energy techniques.

Q: How does EFT fit with spirituality?

A: I encourage people to learn meditation. You can tap away your blocks to meditating. In The EFT Manual a man called Jonas talks about how he enters a deep meditative state much quicker after tapping (p. 143). He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer 9 years earlier. After several years using a daily practice of tapping and meditation, his PSA prostate cancer markers dropped into the normal range. I teach a very simple form of meditation called EcoMeditation to go along with EFT. 

Q: Where can people learn more about your work?

A: At DawsonGift.com, you can download a free copy of The EFT Mini-Manual. You can also get instructions for EcoMeditation, and links to Tapping Deep Intimacy, EFT for Weight Loss, and our other online educational programs.



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