The Tapping World Summit, and online EFT extravaganza featuring over a dozen top health experts and EFT practitioners, is underway. It's extraordinary; we've had over half a million people join us. Find out why so many people are so excited about this event; you can register right now through this link. It's completely free, our way of sharing EFT with large numbers of new people, as well as celebrating the worldwide EFT community. Programs included cover prosperity, weight loss, and Dawson Church sharing the latest science on love relationships. Your biology drives your relationship choices to a large degree, and understanding how your body is wired can help you bring more love into your life. Find out which 2 hormones can turn love on and off, and how to shift their levels so they help rather than hinder your ability to create satisfying long-term relationships. Get all this information, and the freshest EFT expertise available, all for free; register here today.

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