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Senator Chuck Schumer: VA Should Use EFT for Veterans With PTSD

From the EFT Universe newsletter May 1, 2012:

What Will Happen Next? Fox News Follows One PTSD Veteran Through EFT: A dramatic media event is unfolding for the next six weeks. Television station WROC (Fox, Rochester, NY) has assigned reporter Kevin Doran to follow one particular veteran, former Staff Sergeant Dan Hoaglin, through his six-week Clinical EFT treatment program. Dan's PTSD has contributed to addiction and suicide attempts. He and his wife Angie "are brutally honest about what this illuness has done to their lives and how hard it's been to find a solution," even after he's tried 9 different forms of therapy. Dan's about to start his journey through the acclaimed Veterans Stress Project, which in the last five years, supported by donations from the EFT community, has helped thousands of veterans overcome PTSD. Dan Hoaglin's therapist is Vietnam veteran Tom Porpiglia, one of the founders of the Stress Project. You can see the first story here; we'll keep you updated with subsequent posts. Dawson Church.

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by Kevin Doran

(Click here for story on WROC web site)

Senator Chuck Schumer says the VA should try EFT to help Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


We've been telling you about retired Army Staff Sergeant Dan Hoaglin and his struggles with PTSD. After trying everything, Dan turned to a therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique.  It drastically reduced his PTSD symptoms. Mental Health Counselors and veterans groups say EFT works but it's not approved by the VA.  They believe after that after more research it will be approved. But that is years away and thousands of returning troops and veterans could suffer in the mean time.


Schumer says the VA needs to change it's ways. "The VA cannot have this 'see no evil hear no evil' attitude. If they think the treatment works they ought to give it to people. If they have a good reason that it doesn't work let them prescribe something else."


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