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EFT Universe Products, Services, Events

EFT Universe will consider listing products, services, events and case histories that are consistent with Clinical EFT. This term refers to EFT as it is taught in The EFT Manual, and supplemental materials. Before submitting a proposal to this site, please make sure it conforms to those standards.

Books, cases and products are required to present Clinical EFT as described in The EFT Manual and other books in the EFT series; EFT Universe does not consider hybrid methods, worthy though they may be, since there are many other web sites to represent these. 

Purchase Currency

The purchase currency for all products sold on the EFT Universe site is the United States Dollar (USD) is denoted by a dollar currency sysmbol ($) when (USD) can not be explicitly added.

EFT Practitioners

Only practitioners certified by EFT Universe in Clinical EFT may be added to the Certified Practitioners list on this site. All fees and certifications must be current and in good standing with EFT Universe.

Ethics Complaints Against EFT Universe Practitioners and Employees

If you believe a certified practitioner, an employee, a faculty member or an officer of EFT Universe has acted unethically, you can submit a complaint to the Ethics Committee. This link provides instructions for formally submitting an ethics complaint.

EFT Universe Support

If you have a customer service problem not addressed on the EFT Universe Support page, please submit a request to our dedicated support team. We provide refunds for returned merchandise per the terms sited when you purchased the product, and for items ordered via credit card, honor the refund and cancellation policies of all banks and credit card processing companies.

We ship materials sold on this site within 45 days. Books are shipped from and are subject to their shipping terms. The legal names under which we conduct business are "Energy Psychology Group, Inc.," as well as "EFT Universe" and "Energy Psychology Press."

Our address is 3340 Fulton Rd., #442, Fulton, CA 95439. You may request this information via our customer support team as well, and if so, we'll get back to you within 48-72 hours.

EFT Universe Fulfillment Policies

Refund Policy

14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee: Most purchases offered on the EFT Universe website qualify you for a 14-day no-questions guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason and it is within 14 days of your purchase date, we will refund your investment 100%. Just simply reach out to us here. The only products that is not covered under this refund policy is our Certification programs. For the refund policy for Energy Psychology up till Dec 2019, click here. The refund policy for all certifications from Jan 1, 2020 onwards, and for EFT certification prior to that date, is that no refunds are offered once an application has been submitted and payment made.

Delivery Policy

All our content for our online programs and courses are delivered online. You will receive an email giving you access to your purchased content. In some cases you will be redirected directly to your purchased content instantly after a sucessful checkout.

Cancellation Policy

Online Courses

You can cancel any online course to which you have a monthly subscription. Please reach out to our support department. They will need to know the email address you used to sign up for the monthly subscription.

EFT Tapping and Other EFT Universe Workshops

∙ 10% Cancellation Fee will be deducted from your refund or payable to the trainer if you cancel your workshop registration up to 1 year - 6 months prior to the workshop start date.

∙ 25% Cancellation Fee will be deducted from your refund or payable to the trainer if you cancel your workshop registration up to 6 - 3 months prior to the workshop start date.

∙ 50% Cancellation Fee will be deducted from your refund or payable to the trainer if you cancel your workshop registration up to 3 months - 2 weeks prior to the workshop start date.

∙ No Refund for cancellations 2 weeks prior to day of workshop.

∙ For workshops sponsored by third parties such as Omega Institute, 1440 Multiversity, and others, refer to the institution's refund policy web page.

EFT Trainings

Only workshops organized or endorsed by EFT Universe may be added to the workshops page on this site or announced in the EFT newsletter. If you've taught EFT trainings in the past, are a certified EFT Universe practitioner, and would like to become an EFT Universe trainer, please submit your Curriculum Vitae and a list of the past trainings you've taught.

EFT Universe Web Links

EFT Universe occasionally links to other web resources of interest to EFT practitioners and clients. However, we keep these links to a minimum, and keep them tightly focused. If you believe your web site merits a link, please message us with a description of why you believe such a link benefits the EFT community, and the page on the site where you would like a link. We will respond within a few days if we wish to pursue the possibility of a link.

These policies and procedures change periodically.

Thank you for your understanding and your support of EFT Universe.

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