Skinny Genes Raves


"I started the Skinny Genes program in July... As I told Brittany, I felt like Thomas Edison with diets. When someone asked Thomas Edison if he was upset because over 900 times the light bulb he was trying to invent didn't work, he answered, "No, because I found the one way that it does work!" I feel like I have tried 900+ ways to lose weight. I am a champion at losing weight. I have been an abject failure at maintaining the weight loss. Brittany's program was that one more way and I am growing more confident that like Edison, I've found a way that will work. During the 6 weeks, I lost 15 lbs and did not feel deprived. Brittany asked us to weigh ourselves as we began MasterMind on Tuesday and now 33 lbs are gone. This is important work. You are worth it. It will bring you peace and understanding of just what was going on that made it seem safe to your subconscious to keep the fat on your body that insulated your life. I wish you the best and we will all be here to cheer you on and to support you on your journey!"

- Sue Quarles

"Hi Brittany, I am loving all of the tapping! Afterwards I feel a sense of calmness, of acceptance of myself and where I am right now. I have just tapped with you on the binge video, with Dawson on the top dog, underdog video and now the craving red wine script and feel like the dialogue in my head and constant berating from my topdog has stopped, hooray! I can’t tell you how excited I am about the skinny genes program, not only am I going to get super healthy but I know it is also going to teach me the skills of tapping which I can use to make positive changes in so many other areas of my life, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"

-Ali Young

"Just love the way you demonstrate the tapping, I’ve been tapping on weight loss for years without success. Your videos seem to be helping me cut down on the amount I eat. I seem to be very rebellious and contrary so am tapping these areas too.Thanks Brittany!"


"I do EFT regularly, but you used some statements that I had never considered and they really helped me tune in to my emotions. I feel SO much more in control….Thank You!!!! :)"


"Dear Brittany, I did this excercise (self sabotage) for the first time last week when I received your email. I could not get through this visualisation without crying. My anxiety level was way up at 10. I decided to do it again today and I am not feeling any of the anxiety that I felt last week. Thank you so much for this powerful tool. I belive this will help me on my journey away from emotional eating and on towards my ideal weight."


"This is amazing. Just one night of tapping, watching the videos and listening to the audio and I have made more progress than years of counseling. Thank you Dawson and Brittany for sharing this wonderful series. I am looking forward to finally losing this weight and being healthy."


"I have to be honest and say I’d never really dealt with weight issues most of my life. Oh, the occasional extra 10 lbs but nothing too bad until after the birth of my daughter. I gained a LOT of weight during my pregnancy and still had about 30 lbs to lose. When my daughter was 2, I discovered my now ex was having an affair. I dropped more than 30 lbs quite quickly due to stress. After keeping that weight off for about 13 years, I started having hormonal issues and the weight came back with a vengeance. For the past 10 years, I have continued to gain and lose and then gain more. I now weigh what I did when I was 9 months pregnant and this is no baby I’m carrying!! ...I finally realized that the weight has protected me from having an intimate relationship with men. I’m so afraid that if I lose this weight, I’ll be seen as sexy and attractive and if I open myself up to another intimate relationship, I’ll be hurt all over again. As much as I hate how I feel and how I look….it’s safe. I knew I had trust issues due to my ex’s affair..but it goes beyond that. Thank you for helping me begin to deal with all the subconscious feelings that I thought I had dealt with but obviously hadn’t. I’m a work in process but I feel confident that as I continue to heal and let go of the self sabotage, I can finally say goodbye to this excess weight and live my life safe and happy!! Blessings!!!"


"Hi Brittany, I just love these videos. They’ve helped so much and are fun to watch (Great Job!!). As a diabetic struggling (constantly) to stay away from sugar I’m especially grateful for your help. I’ve noticed a difference already – a calmness regarding eating. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


"I loved it. Really appreciated Brittany's dedication to it, willingness to let the calls go as long as they needed to, over-time. I loved the camaraderie. It was an incredible value for the money. I did not, for full disclosure, lose any weight, but I feel that a shift began. Overall, I think that the Skinny Genes program is like...anything else in life, You get out what you put in. I especially love that we still have access to the materials, after it's ended, and that we still have access to Brittany and the live (or recorded) Q & A calls. And, while I have yet to participate in the Skype calls, I like being a part of the Facebook group."

-Jan Keily

"The 6 week program was one of the best things I've done for myself! I know I'm on a very good path of self improvement and the company is awesome! The weight loss for me was 2 lbs during the 6 weeks, but that was without dieting and to be perfectly honest hardly any exercise (have to do more tapping there) and I had been stuck at that prior weight for a long time. I believe that the weight will come off as I release more and more of my old patterns and beliefs. It's definitely a work in progress... but it's well worth...Of course, I agree with all of the above also."

-Deb Jelly

"The skinny genes course helped me give up diet mentality. Such freedom."

- Sarah Spence

"It's AWESOME. Brittany has the most amazing insights into the issues surrounding emotional eating."

- Tammi Guland

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