EFT Dreamwork Cases: Using EFT with Dreams

"As much as I love not having my nightmares anymore, I love even more the fact that I now can dream again. I am so grateful to you and for EFT! Thank you!"
-D. Nicole Johnson Starr, The PTSD Retreat

Dear EFT Community,

There are many fascinating accounts of using EFT with dreams. EFT can take away the emotional charge associated with nightmares, disturbing dreams, and recurring dreams. EFT can also help you interpret dreams. This selection of articles gives you ideas on how to approach dreamwork with EFT.

I particularly recommend the Dream To Freedom Technique by Bob and Lynne Hoss, which combines EFT and dream techniques drawn from Gestalt therapy. Bob is the founder of the Dream Science Foundation, and an expert on the neuropsychology of dreaming. You can find their book Dream to Freedom on Amazon here, and this link will take you to their article in Energy Psychology Journal on the science behind EFT and dreams. Bob is also the co-editor of Dreams that Change Our Lives.

We periodically offer the Dream To Freedom weekend workshop. You can find an outline here, and we'll announce upcoming dates in the EFT Insights newsletter.

Below are some dreamwork cases I've selected from EFT Universe.

-Dawson Church

Download the Dream To Freedom Worksheet  Download PDF

EFT Dreamwork Cases

2 Recurring Dreams Healed with EFT Tapping

A Simple Routine to Apply EFT Tapping to Your Dreams

Change a Nightmare's Script by Tapping While Dreaming

Combining EFT and Matrix ReImprinting to Address Nightmare

Dreams Understood by Combining EFT and Gestalt

How to Apply EFT Tapping Within a Dream

How to Do EFT During Lucid Dreaming to Reduce Anxiety

How to Improve Dream Recall Using EFT

How to Stop Nightmares by Using EFT Tapping

How to Use EFT on the Emotional Intensity of Recurring Dreams

How to Use EFT Tapping During an Anxiety Dream

Using a Recurring Dream and EFT to Identify Past Trauma

When Tapping Can't Find Specific Events, Use Dreams Instead


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