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EFT practitioner, Puja Kanth Alfred, shares an EFT story about a client who was worried about being able to "hold water" during her ultrasound. This is a common worry as the procedure for an ultrasound requires that the patient drink a lot of water before the scan because a full bladder pushes other organs out of the way and fluid further enhances the scan's clarity. Needing to urinate becomes an issue during the scan. With EFT, ultrasounds were no longer a problem for this patient.


By Puja Kanth Alfred, Certified EFT Practitioner

One client of mine was very scared of going for ultrasound scans. She had developed this fear because holding water before ultrassounds was very difficult for her. She would start panicking whenever she went for a scan.

We did one online EFT session for this problem.

The next day when she went for a scan, she kept doing EFT mentally as she was drinking water and used the affirmations that I had given her.

She'd mentally tap:

Even though I am feeling very full, I choose to be relaxed.

Even though I am scared that I will not be able to "hold water, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I am still scared, I choose to feel safe with holding water.

After a few rounds she was much more relaxed. However, when she entered the scan room, her anxiety resurfaced. She started tapping silently again and within a few minutes was able to relax. Her ultrasound went smoothly and now she is no longer scared of going for further scans.

EFT helps tremendously in achieving a positive transformation and can be used for anything. Also, I feel that grammar does not matter in EFT.

One should use words and sentences which one identifies with and not necessarily words or sentences that are grammatically correct.


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