Energy psychology and psychotherapy: A study of the use of energy psychology in psychotherapy practice

Citation (APA Style): Mason, E. (2012). Energy psychology and psychotherapy: A study of the use of energy psychology in psychotherapy practice. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 12(3), 224-232. doi:10.1080/14733145.2012.657208


The aim of the study was to increase understanding of how energy psychology informs and affects counselling/ psychotherapy practice. By undertaking phenomenological interviews with experienced clinicians, the aim was to enrich and expand on the scientific approaches to energy psychology research. Method: This research is based on in-depth semi- structured interviews using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). Five experienced psychotherapists who are also practitioners of energy psychology were interviewed. Findings: Four main themes emerged from the analysis: energy psychology as a potent intervention that facilitates shifts in emotions, cognitions, behaviours and physiology; the safety of energy psychology techniques; the role of the therapeutic relationship when using energy psychology techniques; and the challenges of integrating energy psychology into the work context, highlighting the need for more complex, systemic models to understand how people experience distress and how change is facilitated. Conclusion: Overall, participants in this study found energy psychology to be a valuable supplement to counselling and psychotherapy. The implications for current practice are discussed.

Keywords: counselling; energy psychology; meridian energy therapies; psychotherapy; emotional freedom techniques; thought field therapy


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