Energy Psychology—practices and theories of new combinations of psychotherapy

Citation (APA Style): Benor, D. J. (2014). Energy psychology—practices and theories of new combinations of psychotherapy. Current Research in Psychology, 5(1), 1-18. doi:10.3844/crpsp.2014.1.18


Energy Psychology (EP) includes a spectrum of practices in which people tap on their bodies while focusing their minds on problems they want to change. EP therapies often are very rapidly effective. This article examines varieties of explanations for how EP works, including: Cognitive changes, psychological conditioning, expectation effects, distraction techniques, tapping on acupuncture points, shifts in other biological energies, wholistic healing, alternating stimulation of right and left sides of the body (presumably producing alternating stimulation of left and right brain hemispheres) and nerve conduction speeds.

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