Emotional freedom technique: Energy psychology integration in the workplace setting

Citation (APA Style): Scott, J. (2008). Emotional freedom technique: Energy psychology integration in the workplace setting. Counselling at Work, Winter 2008/2009, 9-12.


This article discusses the application of one of the energy psychology (EP) methods, emotional freedom technique (EFT), in the workplace setting. As the trauma support group manager for trains, working in the London Underground counselling and trauma service, I have integrated EFT into my counselling practice with traumatised members of Transport for London (TfL); trauma volunteer training; support of colleagues in the workplace and in my own self-support and self-supervision processes. My interest in EFT developed through my wish to understand and learn an approach that appeared to offer a simple and effective way of reducing the impact of pain, distress and trauma on individuals. I found the technique to be simple and easy to learn and teach, easy to apply and for those individuals who like EFT, it can be experienced as life changing. I will be drawing on examples of EFT application in a variety of situations in this article.

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