Core Issues in EFT: What You Think Is the Main Issue May Not Be

Dear Readers

There are many cases where tapping on a single issue benefits the release of other, seemingly unrelated problems, such as in this submission from Deirdre Brocklebank.

-Will M.

By Deirdre Brocklebank

I have had four sessions with my client whom I will call Lorna. She had been raped three times on different occasions. She was also dealing with the rather horrible death of her much loved oldest brother as well as issues around her younger brother who has Down's syndrome.

At my EFT workshop, which she attended after doing the sessions with me, she recalled two instances when she had nearly drowned. On both occasions she had been saved by two of her older brothers.

She was very upset and crying as she recalled the first incident and so, with her permission I tapped on her from Top of Head to CB while repeating phrases containing what she had said about the incident including: I nearly drowned; the waves swept me out; nobody could hear me; nobody would help me; I was going under; I couldn't breathe etc. She couldn't swallow when I stopped tapping so I tapped a round of "I couldn't swallow." After this she felt OK when recalling the incident and she was able to swallow some water.

I also tapped on Lorna and did the talking for the second incident. I included phrases such as: I was being swept out to sea; I was going under; I was swallowing water etc and ended up with a round of the choice statement "I now choose life." She no longer felt any stress when thinking about the incident. She was also able to swallow water more easily and her throat no longer felt closed.

After working with Lorna on the above issues in front of the group I asked the workshop participants to work privately in pairs. I entered the room where Lorna and another participant were working in time to see Lorna nearly choking and trying hard to breathe. Her throat had constricted so much she was gagging for breath. I put her into the recovery position and with her permission I tapped gently from Top of Head - CB for "this constricted breathing". She soon regained her breath and became calmer and relaxed.

I received the following note from Lorna a couple of days after the workshop.

"Thanks so much for the work shop, I learnt a lot out of the two days. I was blown away by my response to water, I didn't think that would happen, I'm surprised that this evoked a much greater physical response than the other trauma's that we have worked on, which to me have had much greater and more debilitating effects on my life. So I'm curious - is it because you were tapping on the other issues, or is it because I am no longer paralysed by my past that I can feel them now? Maybe a bit of both? I really am quite blown away by it. Anyway, thank you once again, it also reminded me how careful we have to be (and have a bit of skill) and an idea on what you are getting into before trying to help others with issues."

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