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Dear EFT Community,

People of faith sometimes wonder if there is a conflict between EFT tapping and their particular religion. Personally, I view healing as a gift from a Divine source, and believe that religion, spirituality, energy healing, and EFT all work beautifully together. Here are some ideas from Carol Tuttle, who is both a Christian and an EFT practitioner.

- Dawson Church

By Carol Tuttle

Question: What do you say to people with concerns or issues around EFT in relation to their belief in God, specifically that EFT might somehow usurp or replace their belief in God?

That is a very valid question. I am frequently presented with this question, as I am very active in my religion. My spiritual foundation is Christian, and I have considered the purpose of EFT and where it fits in my life. I feel that my responses to these concerns are sound, and that answers that have helped me certainly can help many others put EFT into the right perspective in life.

First and foremost, I think it is important to recognize that, in my belief system, EFT is not a healing power. Healing can only come from God. EFT is a tool that facilitates a change. As humans, we are masters of keeping ourselves stuck and actually preventing God from being able to bless us and, in a lot of cases, heal us. What we're doing with the EFT process is facilitating a clearing, an opening, a shift in our energy, to allow God's healing power to have an effect on us.

Keep in mind that EFT has its place. It is not meant to be a spiritual practice. It's not meant to be a spiritual dogma or doctrine. It is a tool, and as such it helps you. Much like a toothbrush, it is a tool. A toothbrush helps you keep your teeth clean and healthy and, in much the same way, EFT helps keep your thoughts and feelings clean and healthy. So use it as a tool, one that is anchored in the foundation of your own spiritual path.

Whatever you believe is the source of all healing, just connect the tool of EFT tapping with that. Truly, that is the source of power. As you align the use of EFT with the power greater than yourself, big things and miraculous things can happen for you.


0 #1 Bennie Naude 2015-01-27 12:34
Thanks Carol, I love how we all have different views.

I regard EFT as an ultimate spiritual practice - as it clear out those things (trauma, beliefs, disappointments , hurts etc) that keep me from shining, it helps the body to heal etc.

Best wishes!

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