How Visualizing EFT Tapping Helps Overcome Grief

EFT for PTSD book by Dawson church

By J.A. Cruz-Perez

I'd been practicing EFT for several months when I heard about "mental tapping" where you use EFT without actually physically tapping on the Tapping Points. You simply imagine tapping on the Tapping Points.

I wasn't really convinced that thinking about tapping on the Tapping Points would work as well as actually doing the physical tapping.

That is, until I went out with my wife to watch a romantic movie called,"PS: I love you." In this movie, a man's funeral is held in a bar, where his urn is placed with some glasses and a bottle of whiskey in front of it. His friends pour him a drink and say a few words.

This movie scene brought up some painful memories for me.

It had been 6 years since my little brother passed away. I'd been tapping and working on some aspects related to my brother's death while writing about them in my notebook in order to work on each aspect individually. Every time I went to visit him where we placed his urn, I felt so much pain and sadness.

I had already written a note in my notebook to deal with this aspect: "Work on the place where we put his urn."

When I watched this movie scene unfold before me, I realized that the aspect I need to deal with is the urn itself, and not the place where we put it. I used to live in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and I traveled 8 hours to get to the funeral (the longest 8 hours of my life) in our hometown of Gomez Palacio. When I got home, the only thing I saw was the urn.

My SUD Level of Intensity number for my anxiety during the movie scene was almost a 10 out of 10. I think it was a 9 because I almost cried. I also began to shiver uncontrollably. Without saying a Basic EFT Setup Statement, I just focused on the movie scene before me and on my memory of seeing my brother's urn, and I started doing mental tapping.

I began at the eyebrow point, then the side of the eye, and when I got to the point under the eye, my anxiety level was almost down to a 1. I felt it in my body, relax. I continued picturing myself tapping under my nose, under my lip, collarbone, and under my arm. At the end of this tapping round, my whole body was completely relaxed. I was amazed!

Other scenes in the movie also had me remembering my little brother, and for each scene I would imagine tapping another round, and I found that "my point" for "mental tapping" is under the eye, because there my anxiety level instantly went down to a 0.

Throughout the movie, I remembered my brother, and although it was about the death of a husband, I related it to the death of a loved one.

I finished watching the movie relaxed and I found that I was at peace.

I firmly believe that those of us who have lost a loved-one can use EFT to release the pain of not having them physically with us and the memories we unexpectedly encounter that brings us back to that place of grieving. The memories of my brother are still here in my mind and my heart, but the pain is gone now thanks to using EFT.

I encouraged my parents to learn EFT in order to release their emotions attached to the loss of my brother. My dad learned EFT fairly quickly. Seeing them happier these days and keen to go on living is the best gift I could have received from EFT.


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