EFT and infertility – 4 out of 5 successes where guilt turned out to be the issue

By Capri Calandra

Recently I have had amazing success with infertility that I must share.  A client came to me unable to conceive.  Several thousand dollars later and, having exhausted what conventional medicine had to offer, she came to me.

I have never tried to help with infertility before but I was very excited about the challenge.  We began the session looking into her childhood.  I asked her about guilt, sadness or anger, looking for the trigger.  When I got to her father, that was it.  She had buried a feeling of guilt deep within.

When she was a teenager her father was diagnosed with cancer.  Being young herself she didn’t think much of it and her main concern was being with her friends.  In a short time her father passed away.  She felt she wasn’t there for him and didn’t care for him.  She felt inadequate as a caregiver and in turn felt she would be inadequate as a mother caring for a child.  We dove right into that issue.

Even though I have this guilt about leaving my father when he was sick…

Even though all I could think about was my friends…

Even though I have this fear of not being a good mother…

We did three rounds of that and then I finished with a forgiveness tapping.

Even though all I could think about is my friends I forgive myself … I am a good mother … I am a good mother … I am a good mother.

Two months after her single session with me she was pregnant.  She referred four more women to me.  Three out of four were pregnant within three months.  The fourth actually had damage to the uterus from previous surgery.

The interesting part is all these women had guilt that traced back to their fathers.  At some point in their lives they had to take care of someone and didn’t for one reason or another.  At that point guilt set in.  Once it was exposed and they forgave themselves they became pregnant.

Once again EFT worked where nothing else would.  Let me emphasize that they did not use any other treatment during this time and all of them had only one session.  After releasing their negative blocks their relationships have grown by leaps and bounds.  A perfect example of the positive side affects of EFT.

I love using EFT on something new.  It never ceases to amaze people.


Capri Calandra

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