Dramatic Recovery from an Injury with EFTThe EFT Manual by Dawson Church 124x173

By Deborah Miller, PhD

On my early morning walk along the stream in the mountains with my chocolate lab, I fell. Well, actually a large vine snagged my hiking boot. Here’s what happened.

I was walking along feeling good and thinking enthusiastically about a project I’m working on. The next thing I knew I could feel my boot catch on a dried up old vine on the ground that was about 2 inches in diameter. The second my boot caught on the vine, I thought I could pull my boot up and over it and I’d be free of it, then continue walking.

I was in the process of doing so when the vine snapped and flung me forward. I fell on my knees and hands. My left knee hit a rock. I sat down and started to cry from the shock. As I work with energy techniques so much, I automatically put my hands on my knees and gave them Reiki. I did this for about 2 minutes.

Then I lifted up my pant legs to see the damage. Yep, both knees red and scraped. In fact, I could see the bruises forming as a dark purplish color spread to an area of about 3 inches in diameter on each knee. The fleshy part of my left palm hurt below the thumb and my back and neck ached a bit from the jarring of the fall. 

Here are some of the EFT phrases I used:

I fell.

That damn vine that tripped me up.

It hurts. It really hurts. (not very poetic but to the point)

I hurt my knees and hands. Even my neck is stiff.

My knees are purple from the bruising and damage.

My body knows how to heal. The bruising can go away.

These bruises. The color is disappearing as my body heals.

I heal quickly and easily.

I sat mesmerized as I could literally see the purplish color disappear on my knees. I started on my emotional feelings about falling. 

I tapped:

Even though that vine wanted to hold me back, I’m moving forward so quickly in my life that even it couldn’t hold me back.

I’ve stepped past my old barriers.

Everything is moving so fast.

Nothing can stop me, not even in the physical world.

I am moving forward so quickly that the thick vine snapped and flung me forward.

I am being propelled forward in life.

It couldn’t hold me back.

(Thinking of the symbolism of what happened made me feel better.)

Then I tapped on the physical pain until it disappeared. I looked at my knees and there was absolutely no sign of bruising. I could hardly tell that I had hit injured my right knee. My left knee, which hit the rock, was still a bit swollen and red but there was no sign of bruising either.

I tapped: The blocked energy flow because of the fall. The energy flows normally again. I could feel small currents of energy flowing in different directions within my knee at this point. It was quite amazing to notice.

At this point I felt compelled to get up and start trekking back (about a 35-minute walk). I got up and starting walking as if nothing had happened and no effects from the fall. I actually felt a bit light and joyous.

I continued to tap as I walked. I thought about my left knee being swollen and red wondering what it symbolized. I thought red is anger. As I tapped on anger, an image of my parents arguing came to mind. I could sense their angry words.

At that very moment I felt sharp needle-like pains deep within the tissue of both of my knees and the pad of my right palm. I tapped until it disappeared. I realized I must have been holding onto some memory of an argument between my parents.

I got home and started to work. I didn’t have another chance to look at my knees until later that afternoon. My right knee was completely fine as if nothing had happened. My left knee was a bit swollen and tender where it had hit the rock. It wasn’t red though.

I asked myself what being swollen represents. The thought came to me: the need to puff oneself up in order to feel important, strong, noticed, righteous, etc. I tapped on those emotions as well as having the physical swelling reduced. It did. I could see my knee significantly less swollen.

Then the scientist in me got involved. I tapped on any remaining physical swelling, the lump I could feel deep in the tissue, and any leftover pain. I tapped on the image of my cells, tissues, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc., and how they would have been affected by being essentially smashed by the rock. I saw my immune system kicking in, that my cells, tissues, etc., knew exactly how to heal and they were doing so now. Within about a minute, the swollen lump was almost gone.

Overall, my right knee never bruised nor did I feel any pain in it after tapping. My left knee does have a small bruise about the size of a quarter, but I know it would have been at least 3 inches in diameter if I hadn’t tapped. I’ve been able to bend, kneel, and go up and down stairs as if nothing happened.

In fact, I hardly remember that I fell. 

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