The 16 Steps to Becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner

1. Enroll in and complete a 4 or 5 Day Professional Workshop.*

2. Fill out the Certified EFT Practitioner Application form (see below) and submit the required documents, including your resume or Curriculum Vitae, the Ethics Code, and the non-refundable $225 Application fee.*
Please note we will be increasing the Application Fee to $300 on Feb 15th 2019.

The practitioner application form is available in a downloadable or online.pdf below:


Certified EFT Practitioner Application form:

 pdf download icon
 Downloadable Certified EFT Practitioner PDF Application
 pdf editing
 Editable Online Certified EFT Practitioner PDF Application


3. Engage with a Mentoring Consultant on This List.**

Note: **Before you engage a mentor you must be an EFT Universe PRACTITIONER CANDIDATE.

As a practitioner candidate, you have attended the required EFT workshops and we have your completed Certified EFT Practitioner Application form on file at EFT Universe. The process of mentorship is designed to support your professional growth, and identify and fill in evident gaps in your skill-set before completion of your EFT practitioner certification.

4. Practice Your New EFT Skills for (at least) 50 Sessions, and Fill Out the Individual Session Notes form (see below) for 47 of the Sessions and Submit this to Your Mentoring Consultant.

 pdf download icon
 Downloadable EFT Session Notes PDF Form
 pdf editing
 Editable Online EFT Session Notes PDF Form

Note: Multiple sessions with the same client count toward the total of 50 (e.g., 30 single session clients + 10 two-session clients (10x2=20) = 50 sessions).

5. Write up Detailed Case Histories for the Remaining 3 Client Interactions, using These Case Study Guidelines and Submit them to Your Mentoring Consultant.

6. Take and Pass the Online EFT Exam.

Note: You will need to set up a EFT Universe Member Login at EFTUniverse.com to take the exam. When you purchase the exam, you will be prompted to create a site login if you have not already done so. Be sure to contact the support team at support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com when you create an EFTU login so the site admin can approve it.

Otherwise, you can create an EFT Universe site login here: www.eftuniverse.com/create-an-account. You only need one login account for the entire site. DO NOT CREATE A 2ND LOGIN if you already have one from submitting documents to EFTUniverse.com. Please use one email for all of your interactions with EFT Universe and for your member login.

7. Submit Your Book Reports from the Required Reading List to Your Mentoring Consultant.

8. Spend 15 Hours Working with EFT on Your Own Personal Issues.

Note: Keep a journal of your progress. You can use EFT plus another modality, such as cognitive therapy or mindfulness. Working with a coach or therapist is preferred. The specifics of this requirement are determined by your mentoring consultant, so please discuss them in advance.

9. Complete a 2 Day Practice Intensive Workshop.

10. Learn the Importance of Ethical Skills for EFT Practitioners.

Note: Required reading--

1. Ethics Handbook for Energy Practitioners by David Feinstein, PhD, and

2. Creating Healing Relationships by Dorothea Hover-Kramer, EdD, DCEP.

  Creating Healing Relationships    ethics handbook for energy healing 

These two books contain important information towards helping you become an ethically-aware practitioner.


11. Take and Pass the Ethics Exam Here.

Note: Do not take the Ethics Exam until steps 1-10 have been completed. Do not take both the EFT Exam and the Ethics Exam on the same day.


After you have been recommended by your mentor, follow the next 2 steps listed below and send both documents to the Application Team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before moving on.


12. Obtain Liability Insurance.

Note: Click here for a list of companies offering insurance to energy healing practitioners. Be sure to read all of the information on this page from the top to the bottom and realize that in order to be certified by EFT Universe you must list EFT Universe as an additional insured.

USA candidates must list EFT Universe as an additional insured.

Australian and Canadian Candidates must list EFT Universe as an Interested 3rd Party.

13. Sign the EFT Universe EFT Practitioner Certification Agreement.

 pdf downlaod icon
 Downloadable EFT Practitioner Certification Agreement PDF

14. Pay Your Final Fee.

Note: A link to pay your final fee will be provided by the EFT Universe Certification Facilitator once the above steps have been satisfactory completed.

15. Receive Your Paper EFT Practitioner Certificate.

Note: This is snail-mailed to you once you have paid your final fees, all required documents have been approved by EFT Universe and the EFTU Certification Facilitator has assigned a certificate number and approved your certification.

16. Write up a Description of Your Services and Add Information to EFT Universe.

Note: Once you have completed all the requirements to becoming a practitioner, the EFT Universe tech team will email you a "Please Read: Welcome to EFT Universe" email with instructions for updating your EFT Universe Practitioner Profile page in the EFT practitioner directory and information on when you can expect your paper cert. You will log in to EFT Universe and follow the instructions provided and upload your information to the EFT Universe certified EFT practitioner directory listing.



* The first two steps above (Step 1 and Step 2) must be followed in exact order.


Your EFT Universe Practitioner Certification Application Form (see pdf forms at the top of this page) needs to be on file with EFT Universe BEFORE you engage a mentor.

You should engage an mentor shortly after you send in the completed certification application with documents and fees. Remember, mentoring is based on feedback and you will want to make sure your beginning sessions of no more than 7 to 10 are evaluated by your mentor before you send in others. For instance, you can complete the required readings either before you take an EFT workshop or afterward. You can take your second workshop before completing your case histories. You can complete your book reports at any time.


Certification Time Frame

The steps to certification can be done in rapid sequence, or over a long period of time. Typical time frames for completing Certified EFT Practitioner requirements range from 10 months to 2 years. However, those candidates who go beyond 2 years may be obligated to complete additional requirements (which may include repeat workshops or exams) as outlined by their mentor.


Costs of Becoming an EFT Practitioner

EFT Universe invests a great deal of time, expertise, and money into the EFT practitioner certification program in order to maintain a high standard of excellence. The costs of certification are kept as low as possible, consistent with the need to finance an excellent program.

These costs are as follows:

1. Submit Application Fee: $225.

This is a non-refundable fee. You can fill out the application form and make your payment here.

2. Complete a 4-5 Professional Workshop and a 2-day Practice Intensive Workshop.

The EFT Workshops cost between $395 and $795; you can see the costs and schedule here. They are offered in a number of geographical regions in order to minimize your travel costs. 

3. Pass the Online Exam and the Ethics Exam.

This Practitioner Exam and the Ethics Exam are administered by EFT Universe and cost $99 each. Do not take these exams on the same day.

4. Complete 15 hours of Your Personal Psychological and Spiritual Growth Work with EFT.

The specifics of this requirement are determined by your mentoring consultant, so please discuss them in advance.

5. Have Your Cases Reviewed by Your Mentoring Consultant.

The current rate for mentoring consultants is a flat fee of $550 to $750. These fees are paid directly to your mentoring consultant. If you require additional services from your mentor, they will bill these to you at their hourly rate. NOTE: this rate will be increasing to $700 for regular EFT Certification and $900 for Expert Certification as of January 1st 2019.

6. Purchase the Books for Required Reading, about $150.

7. Register as a Certified EFT Practitioner: $315 (AKA "Final Fee").

This fee includes a free listing on the EFT Universe website for your first year as an EFT Universe practitioner.

** Note: Being listed as a certified EFT practitioner on EFTUniverse.com costs $10.00 a month and is billed annually each year. You will be billed once a year starting year two for the total amount for the year and then every year after that if you remain an EFT Universe certified EFT practitioner. You must be a currently certified EFT Universe practitioner to have a practitioner profile on EFT Universe.

Click here to make your final payment.

The total of the above costs is about $3,500 - $4,000.

If you're charging $100/hour for your services as a certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, it will take you 30 client hours to break even.

Once you're certified and your EFT practitioner profile is placed on the EFT Universe website, which receives over a million page views a year, you are likely to receive an ongoing stream of referrals.

If you write articles for EFTUniverse.com and they are featured in the EFT Peak Insights weekly newsletter, you become more visible and you will find more clients coming to you through the EFT Universe website or to your own professional website through your EFT Universe practitioner profile page. The newsletter goes out to over 100K subscribers each week.

EFT Universe also has a popular Facebook Page where EFT articles by EFT practitioners are shared with the public.


~ For steps to becoming an Expert EFT practitioner, click here.


Please note that prices, shown on this website are subject to change without notice. While every effort is made to keep prices accurate and up-to-date, ANY price shown on this website for EFT Certification are subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of EFT Universe.



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