Here and Now: The End of Your Weight Loss Struggle

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By Dawson Church, PhD, author of EFT for Weight Loss

What I learned on this page marked the end of my lifetime struggle with weight, and can mark the end of yours too!

In 2009 I was close to 300 pounds (136 kg.). I’d been trying different diet and exercise programs since I was a university student in my 20s. Weight Watchers. The Zone diet. Circuit Training. Jenny Craig. Nutrisystem. The South Beach diet. High Intensity Interval Training.

I was successful with every one! When you start Weight Watchers, your goal is to lose 10% of your body weight in the first month. For me, that was 28 pounds (13 kg.) and I succeeded.

There was only on problem: I always gained the weight back. And more. Here are some actual entries from my personal journal:

11-15-2004: 268 lb (Start diet)
12-15-2004: 242 lb (Yay! Lost 26 lb!)
3-24-2007: 283 lb (Oh no! Even heavier than when I started!)

But when I discovered EFT tapping, as you’re doing now on this page, everything changed. Suddenly, I was able to manage my cravings for my “fatal foods” such as pasta, rice, Snickers candy bars, bread, beer, white chocolate mochas, and more.

By 2010 I was down to 245 pounds (111 kg.) and I then used tapping to stay at that plateau. Research by the National Weight Loss Registry shows that if you can keep the weight off for two years, you’re statistically unlikely to ever gain it back. Maintenance after weight loss is the secret. For me, it’s been close to a decade now that I've kept the weight off. Helped by daily EFT tapping, I’ve reset my body’s set point at my “new normal” weight.

Here is a video of me talking about using EFT for cravings/addictions.

I’m a researcher and I’ve been involved in over 100 studies. Clinical trials of EFT show that participants don’t just lose weight when they learn to tap, they keep it off permanently. In fact, like me, they continue to lose weight steadily in the months following a diet. That’s exactly the opposite of what usually happens.

We’ve researched EFT in numerous clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals. They show that people are successful with EFT weight loss programs. But the critical difference is what happens afterward. Follow-up data show that people lose between 11 and 22 pounds in the year after they learn to tap. They don’t gain the weight back but continue to lose between 1 and 2 pounds per month. That’s long-term success, and I don’t know of any other technique able to consistently duplicate those results.

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 On this page you’ll find stories, videos, studies, and programs. They will inspire you, offer you hope, give you confidence, and motivate you to effective action.

Thousands of people have discovered the secret to permanent weight loss using the techniques on this page. You’re now in the perfect place to end your weight struggles forever. Please join us! We welcome you to the community of successful long-term tappers.

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