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Dear EFT Community,

I've used EFT with all three of my children. Many problems with children, from tantrums to bedwetting, from resistance to homework to sports performance issues, can be helped with EFT.

You'll find many stories on EFT Universe of parents and kids who've tried EFT to good effect. EFT is also great for resolving childhood trauma. A large scale study of adults, called the ACE study, found an association between unresolved childhood trauma and adult disease. So please use EFT on your old childhood issues, as well as for your own children.

You can get started for free with the EFT Mini-Manual. To go further on your EFT journey, take an EFT workshop, book a session with one of our certified practitioners, and read one of the EFT books available at our bookstore. Please also take a moment to post a comment or ask a question in our Families and Parenting discussion group.

I also strongly recommend you keep a copy of EFT for First Aid handy. This online course offers quick relief for life's unexpected emergencies, such as nose bleeds, choking, poisoning, cuts, burns, stings, nausea, and allergies. Having this resource in your toolkit means you're prepared when your child is injured.

Your Host,

Dawson Church, PhD
Best-selling Author of the Award-Winning Book The Genie in Your Genes.

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